Discover what sustainability means to the BDC.

Sustainability is vital to all of us at the BDC. It’s about delighting our clients and visitors without negatively affecting the planet and world around us. As an events venue, we are in a unique position of being able to reach huge numbers of people in a short space of time as they pass through the venue and we intend to use this position for good.

We are proud to be recognised for our efforts as we put our values into action. Out of the many awards we have gained at the BDC, winning the Exhibition News Corporate Social Responsibility Award in 2018 and 2019 are two that we are most proud of.

We have taken many steps in improving sustainability and more specifically our environmental impact at the BDC. For more than ten years, the venue has been carbon neutral. We send zero waste to landfill and we also use 100% renewable energy to power the building, offsetting any carbon generation we cannot avoid.

We also focus on sustainability in our community and the rest of the world. This includes working with the Carbon Neutral Company to invest in developing international communities, which are gauged against the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.