The BDC has made several commitments to sustainability, which we ask our visitors to help us with.

Removing single-use plastics

Please bring refillable water bottles when you visit the BDC. There are free water stations throughout the venue.

Plastic-free catering

If you are organising an event at the BDC, please do not bring in single-use plastics.

Donate not waste

Our team will take anything you don’t use, such as stationery, fabric and display materials off your hands. Local schools love them!

No waste to landfill

Waste that we cannot donate is recycled or responsibly incinerated and turned into energy. But we like to keep it to a minimum. Please take your waste home.

Cycle storage & electric charging points

You’re very welcome to bring your bike or electric vehicle to the BDC.

Shower facilities

Feel free to use our on-site shower facilities. They’re great for cyclists.

Energy reduction

All lighting at the BDC is low energy. Please try to use as little energy as you can during your visit to the BDC.

Sustainability Policy

We love to talk about sustainability. If you have any questions about how the BDC operates sustainably or how you can help, please contact your event manager. You can read our full Sustainability Policy here.