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BDC: Number One Choice for Technology

18.03.2014 BDC: Number One Choice for Technology

How time flies! Here at the BDC we’ve been casting our minds back to April 2011 when a major investment into the building’s Internet infrastructure took place. The upgrade saw the installation of a 1GB fibre optic service along with a purpose built distribution network of 50 access points across the venue; taking our provision to the next level and attracting events that required the capacity for high speed Internet throughout their space.

Fast forward to April 2014, three years on and over 600 events later the BDC continues to lead the way in conferences and exhibitions for the technology sector. The year ahead holds an unprecedented number of events that push the boundaries of their relevant disciplines utilising the venues network the way it was intended.

With conferences covering everything from cloud based technology down to the nitty gritty of programming language and frameworks the BDC event calendar has it all. April’s Digital Trendspot run by SiteCore brings together the great and good of the digital world to enlighten on how to engage meaningfully with a brand’s audience across all channels.

Shortly after in June we welcome back the brightest stars of the Java community with Devoxx. Organiser Mark Hazell comments, "Personally I think the BDC is an outstanding venue for tech events in London, and it’s why Devoxx UK treats it as home. Location is definitely a plus, being so close to Silicon Roundabout and Tech City scenes, with tech event attendees busy and not generally wanting a schlep across town. There’s a real feeling a space, which is very important for me as an event organiser. At any one moment we might be showcasing a range of different techs, running conference sessions, holding more informal Birds of a Feather sessions, and having a break-out hack. Having space to run these activities in harmony without one activity being hived off into a dingy corner somewhere keeps everyone happy. All of that is great, but the thing that really sets the BDC aside as a place where tech events can thrive is the understanding and knowledge of the staff, and their eagerness to ensure all events are a total success”.

We welcome Java, JVM and Enterprise Professionals again later in the year for JAX, who are taking three days in the Conference Centre for their first event with us.

Devoxx joins Think Cloud for Government and CrossMedia in returning for 2014 along with Android developers favourite - Droidcon.  Now in their 5th year at the BDC, Droidcon has become Europe’s largest Android developer conference showcasing the latest advances from the international community.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, our neighbours from down the road Skillsmatter bring their portfolio of events up to the BDC as they grow in size this year. Taking the Gallery Hall and Conference Centre and turning it into their home for a pair of two day jam-packed events in November and December.

This flavour of the calendar is but a snapshot, with many smaller events running throughout the year. As always you can keep up to date through the monthly blog and social channels, and to be first in the know – sign up to our newsletter.

For more information on these and other events at the BDC check out our event listings.

Posted by Kate.