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Countdown to 30: An interview with Simon Williams

06.07.2016 Countdown to 30: An interview with Simon Williams

Our big day is fast approaching and we continue the celebrations by sitting down with one of our most valuable teams ‘Teamwork’. Running the family business we get to know Mr Simon Williams a little more along with his thoughts of the BDC.

How long have you been working at the BDC?

‘Teamwork will also be celebrating a birthday in October as it will be our 10th year working for the venue’.

How has the BDC changed since you first started working here?

‘Overtime the BDC has slowly changed and developed into more of a team based environment, there is much more of a team approach to the events from the all the service partner s which is underpinned by real effective communication’

What is your favourite event that we host?

‘There are so many exhibitions that stand out and for different reasons. However, as it is here every year then it has got to be the London Art Fair! It really shows the building off in such a positive way.

You work across a few different sites what makes the BDC so unique?

‘There are a few distinctions, but probably I would say the real feeling of belonging and that our efforts do make a difference. Those efforts are recognised from the top to the bottom, I have the lowest staff turnover within the cleaning industry which is a major factor in achieving remarkable results. All of my staff feel valued by everyone at the venue’

When asking Simon what the future has got in store for Teamwork at the BDC he replied ‘Hopefully blogging for your 40th Birthday’ It is fair to say Teamwork are one of our most hard working teams at the venue and we very much hope that we will be celebrating our 40th Birthday with them.   

If you’re familiar with the venue, you’ll know the friendly face of Teamwork’s Jack Williams – stay tuned for our next blog with more on his new role at the BDC amongst a wave of other fresh starters.

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Posted by Charlotte