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Countdown to 30: An Interview with Dominic Jones

31.10.2016 Countdown to 30: An Interview with Dominic Jones

As our 30th Birthday draws to a close we sit down with our CEO Dominic Jones to take a look at how the BDC has developed over the years. As I pull up a seat with Dominic in the boardroom it is clear to see the passion he has for the BDC and the journey the venue had been through.  

Firstly, how long have you been working at the BDC?

‘I have been working at the BDC for 25 years and 3 months now!’

Such a great achievement – what did you do before working at the BDC?

‘I worked for a Property Business in Islington for four years and before that I travelled for a year around South East Asia.’

Over the years what have been the highlights for you whilst working at the BDC?

‘My favourite annual event has to be the London Art Fair; I love contemporary art so for me this has to be at the top of my list. Taking place in January, it definitely brightens up the venue after the Christmas period. The best highlight for me has to be hosting the Czech House which was an absolute honour; it was great to participate in the [2012] Olympics’.  

What is the biggest and most effective change the venue has been through?

‘I think the biggest and most effective change overall has to be the development from a family run management to a team based upon non-family members, I feel we have managed to retain the family feel which is great. In terms of the venue itself, we are constantly upgrading our services and products, such as the Wi-Fi service we now have in place throughout the exhibitions and conference spaces.’

What has the future got in store for the venue?

‘We aim to anticipate customer requirements so we are always ahead of the curve. We need to be ready for the changes that the industry will go through.’

The BDC has been a long standing investor in people, what makes it so special?

‘We invest in people the very first day they begin working at the BDC so we fully understand the realisation that you are only as good as your people.’

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Posted by Charlotte