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Amy's Top Tips for Exhibitors

21.11.2016 Amy's Top Tips for Exhibitors

This month, guest blogger Amy Smith from our Venue Services Team gives us her top tips for creating the best use of a stand at an exhibition...

At every show there are stands that I think stand out from the crowd and have the wow-factor. Here are my top-tips for making the most of your space.

Be bright!

This may seem simple, but adding lights to your exhibition stand can make all the difference. Ordering a couple of lights can brighten up your stand or the products you are selling and make you stand out. When the booths either side of you have plenty of light, it can make yours easily missable and having a dark space can make your stand seem much smaller. Make the most of your space and and save 20% by getting your order in early!

Be different!

Personally, I am always drawn to the stands that have been painted. They are more prominent and always look really slick. This may sound like a time-consuming process, but all you have to do is send the coordinator assigned to your show a dulux reference number and our stand fitters will do all the hard work for you, ready for when you arrive on site! Just ask your coordinator for costs.

Go online!

Going online can help you keep up with trends in the industry and connect you to your customers. Whether you need to take orders during the exhibition, get your customers to fill out a survey or you need internet to take card payments, you can get a designated wifi connection for your stand configured to the device you’re using. Alternatively you can get a hard wired connection for your laptop as these can be fitted anywhere in the venue.

Be organised!

Last but certainly not least, being organised can save you so much stress (and 20% off your order!). Our new online system has been created to ditch all those paper forms (which you already have plenty of) and make it as easy as online shopping! You simply register by putting in your email address and create your own password. You will then be able to shop our services, add what you would like to your basket, pay, and everything will be ready for you on site!

Who said exhibitions have to be stressful?

For more information on the shows here at the venue, or to find the coordinators details to discuss your requirements, you can look in our exhibition section.

Posted by Amy