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12 Blogs of Xmas: Day 8 ~ Dave Taylor

12.12.2016 12 Blogs of Xmas: Day 8 ~ Dave Taylor

There are no Monday blues today at the BDC. We’re feeling positive with another successful show hosted over the weekend (The Spirit Show) and just one more Monday to go before we’re celebrating Christmas. Next up in our 8th blog of Christmas is a man who brings light into our lives; quite literally by taking care of all the electrics within the venue, including large exhibitions, conferences as well as the showrooms. GDS has been the electrical contractor at the BDC for many years and we like to keep it in the family here at the BDC, more recently with Dave’s two sons also regularly working on shows. Over to Dave to lift our festive spirits…

How long have you been working at the venue?

I’ve been working with the BDC for about 12 years, but permanently 6 years. It’s a great bunch of people you get to work with.

Who is the most festive person in your office and how do you celebrate?

Definitely my son Andrew, he loves his Christmas jumpers. The sparks and I celebrate by going for a Christmas lunch and some festive drinks; if we’re feeling especially jovial we go and do karaoke at Lucky Voice on Upper Street. Although the guys always complain I hog the microphone.

What’s your favourite local spot to get you feeling festive?

Radicals and Victuallers next to the BDC is a good place to go for some festive drinks. They have nice staff and a great atmosphere.

What’s your favourite Christmas Tradition?

My favourite Christmas tradition has to be going round to my mum’s on Boxing Day. It’s great celebrating and being with all the family.

What is your favourite Christmas food, film and song?

Pigs in Blanket, Angel Heart and Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis by Tom Waits (controversial but a great song).

What does the New Year have in store for GDS?

Hopefully much of the same! I’m sure 2017 will be another year of great shows and keeping busy at the BDC.

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

In 2017 I want to learn to play the guitar!

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Posted by Amy