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5 Things You Don’t Know You Need To Lose Weight

02.02.2017 5 Things You Don’t Know You Need To Lose Weight

I have worked with hundreds of people pursuing various health, body, weight loss and fitness goals during my years as a Personal Trainer.

The studio I work in, Revolution PTS, specialises in weight-loss and body transformations.

Therefore I come into contact with people every day who are working towards being (what they hope is) a fitter, healthier and often, more aesthetically pleasing version of themselves. 

Last week I shared 10 tips to help you lose weight.

However in my opinion there are 5 key factors which are often neglected (but are equally crucial) when it comes to trying to lose weight. And these can be the make or break of hitting your target weight or shape. You might be shocked to hear that it’s not a diet plan. Nor is it a fancy pair of new trainers (although they are always nice!) 

 In fact, you have probably never even thought of these important factors when planning your new diet. 

1. You Need To Know the ‘Why’

Why do you want to achieve your goal? You have to dig deep for the answer and be honest with yourself.  

Emotional engagement plays a huge part in turning up and taking action. Once you know the ‘why’, it becomes easier to make the right choices and pursue the path to reach your goal and get the results that you want.

We are complex people and don’t like exposing our true feelings. It makes us feel vulnerable, at risk of rejection or criticism.

But vulnerability is a good thing. It means that you’re in an exposed, but honest position. 

This is when great things happen. 

Keep asking “why?” until you are fully aware of why your goal is important to you, and then watch all those barriers fall down and make way for some real progress and change. 

2. You Have To Want It More Than Me, Your Partner, Your Doctor, Whoever

I was given a piece of advice very early on in my personal training career from Robert Grim, one of the owners of Revolution. 

I was getting frustrated that a client wasn’t doing as well as I thought they should have been. (They were equally frustrated.) 

This is when Rob said, “Remember, you can’t want their goal more than them.”

I can coach, encourage and support everyone I come into contact with, but I can’t make them take the right course of action for their goals. That comes from them.

Your partner can also encourage and support you, reassure you they love you whatever you look like, but they aren’t the ones who have to skip the 3pm office cake run when everyone else is tucking in and you feel hungry.

Your doctor can raise a concerned eyebrow. They can inform you in their professional, unbiased medical opinion that you must lose weight because you’re in a worryingly unhealthy state, but it’s not their alarm that’s going off to get up for a gym class before work.

All of this comes from you.

You have to want your goal more than anybody else wishes it for you. 

You, you you. It’s your responsibility. 

3. You Need To Have a Support Network

 In my opinion, this is over-looked far too often when we set goals. Do those who you spend your time with, see or interact with on a daily basis, support you and your goals? 

Family, friends, colleagues, cyber friends on social media, children, (pets!) – are they willing to help you when you need it? 

I’m not telling you to drop all your 'good-time' friends but if you’re serious about reaching a goal, then you need people around you who will encourage you and make taking the right action for your goal easier.

Tell everyone! You need accountability and support, and plenty of it. You can never have too many people rooting for you. 

The actions you take whilst pursuing your goal will have an effect on your lifestyle and if you are going to succeed, you will need cheerleaders.

4. You Need To Be Good At Time Management 

I’m going to state a cliché here and say something that is plastered all over social media when it comes to health and fitness. 

You don’t have the time? Make the time! 

You need to be very good at managing how you spend your day if you want to become fitter, healthier and slimmer. 

To do this you need to factor in time to exercise and time to shop for, cook with and eat the right food. This has to become a priority. I’m not saying your number one priority but it has to feature pretty high up on your to-do list each week. 

For example, your exercise can be a 20 minute home workout or power walk.

Try getting up earlier and make sure you have a decent breakfast and prepare some healthy snacks options so you’re not caught out. 

Just make it consistent. Where there is a will, there is always a way. Make it happen. 

 5. You Have To Accept Your Goal Will Involve a Lifestyle Change  

For long-term sustainable weight loss, you have to understand that this will involve you developing and learning new habits and changing your lifestyle. Permanently. 

Many people undertake exercise and follow a diet with a date in mind for when it’s over, usually after a big event like a holiday or wedding. 

It is after this event that many can lose their fitness gains and their weight and clothes size slowly creeps up.  

This is because they reverted back to the old habits that left them feeling the need to change in the first place.

What you undertake to achieve your goal has to be sustainable to maintain your goal. This is why I advocate small, consistent changes for long-term success.

Posted by Rebecca Maslin

Rebecca has been working in the heath and fitness industry for over 10 years. She is a personal trainer at Revolution Personal Training Studios and a qualified nutritional therapist. 

To hear more from Rebecca, find her healthy living blog or follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for regular updates on all things health, diet, weight loss and fitness.