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BDC Works - The latest addition to the co-working world!

31.07.2017 BDC Works - The latest addition to the co-working world!

London is no stranger to co-working; our neighbour the City of London is host to some innovative places to work flexibly and to the east the spaces house some of the most creative minds in the capital. With fierce competition in providing both hot desking and serviced office spaces, it’s clear that new entries to this market need to provide something different; they need to go beyond.

The obvious benefits of being part of the co-working world are entrenched in the community created around you. Start-ups, SMEs as well as remote workers can have the flexibility of an office environment whilst limiting their risk and outgoings. We asked BDC Works Manager, Katie Purchase who explained, “Co-working really allows you to make the most of the opportunities available on your doorstep, not forgetting the social element of having others around you; a key factor for those who spend a lot of time traveling or working alone”.

The BDC’s newest venture is a foray into the co-working phenomenon. BDC Works is the latest addition in Angel since it opened its doors back in May, “With over 120 established companies based within the venue appealing to small businesses and start-ups the BDC community is extremely rare and valuable”, Katie explains. “The foot fall through the venue’s door is so high and of such variety it provides an excellent opportunity to build strong relationships across a large portfolio of sectors.”

The Business Design Centre’s offers the very best facilities not to mention an unbeatable Islington location. Aside from that the venue hosts a plethora of events throughout the year that share this unique home with over 120 permanent businesses. Remi Kuti is a director of our longstanding tenants, Sprint Communication Systems; we find out from him exactly what makes BDC Works stand out from the crowd.

“I have been based at The BDC for a number of years and they have always been very flexible and accommodating for my needs, so to have this additional space just adds so much more value to me and adds diversity in order for my business to grow in this current market. BDC works is all about Flexible workspace and helping small & large businesses to grow at an affordable rate. The BDC offers a mix of events that has helped me connect with various businesses which so far have been great! Even if there isn’t a direct connection or collaboration the co-working space offers you the opportunity to network and get your brand and company name  out to as many as people as possible which is the aim of the game.”

Find out more information on BDC Work’s and to arrange a visit of our meeting spaces, contact Katie on 0207 288 6421.

Posted by Charlotte

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