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Stop the Drop - Are you working safely at heights?

24.01.2018 Stop the Drop - Are you working safely at heights?

As a conference and exhibition venue, we have a duty to ensure that all our exhibitors, organisers and internal team members are working safely when they visit the BDC. Working at height is a common activity within venues from build ups and breakdowns and should always be carried out in a safe and secure manner.

In support of this, the BDC along with the Association of Event Venues (AEV) have embraced the new STOP THE DROP Campaign which is a key part of safer working within our industry. This effective tool is a great way to enforce CDM regulations and ensure safe working at all times when onsite.

Paul Burke our Health & Safety Manager, works with our in house Event Managers to ensure that contractors and exhibitors have the right equipment to carry out the necessary work needed for their stands and features. The misuse of chairs, boxes and other items to elevate contractors or exhibitors could potentially result in accidents; hence educating visitors and workers is our main objective to ensure that people fully understand the importance of whether their actions are safe.

Paul Burke comments, ‘It has been great to see the positive effect in driving this campaign forward, making those that come onsite think twice about health and safety when building up and breaking down events. In addition to the various posters throughout the building and an increased staff presence on the exhibition floor, we try and educate those who aren’t used to working in such an environment. I feel there is a reduction in the numbers of people we have to speak to on the larger shows and I am convinced that the message is getting out there.

We will continue to promote the ‘Stop the Drop’ campaign, working with the AEO and encourage its use by organisers in communications to exhibitors and contractors.’

Keep an eye out for the STOP THE DROP poster campaign throughout our venue for more information on working at height. We will also be encouraging all organisers for exhibitions and conferences to include the campaign in any future show documentation with a view to continuously working within a safe operational environment.

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