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New for 2020

12.12.2019 New for 2020

As we are coming to the end of an exciting year at the BDC we are looking forward to the New Year with some of our favourite shows returning and a range of new fantastic shows! 

The first of many shows we are excited to host is The Stitch Festival, taking place from 27th February to the 1st March. This show is perfect for textile craft lovers, with a combination of workshops, displays and a variety of exhibitors. Not only will there be the chance to learn new skills and experience fashion and textile installations, but the exhibition will provide the chance to restock your craft supplies. This show will be a creative hub and the ideal chance to immerse yourself with craft!

Hot off the press following this is the GLAMOUR Beauty Festival in association with Boots. Come along for an ultimate day of pampering, amazing treats and, their iconic goodie bag, on the weekend of 20th - 22nd March. With an incredible line-up of influencers and celebrities, as well as makeup artists and stylists, live on stage you’ll leave with all the beauty insider knowledge you need for 2020.

Next in the run up is the National Running Show on the 13th - 14th of June. This event consists of 20 exhibitors, 10,000 runners and 10 interactive features. The event will have six key established speakers, including Dame Kelly Holmes, Roger Black, Nell McAndrew, Danny Bent, and Susie Chan. This show is perfect for anyone who wants to discover the latest tech, kit, nutrition and races with both big and small brands present. There will be the chance to learn from the speakers, a unique and inspiring opportunity. In the spirit of sport, there is a chance to improve your running technique with the assistance of running experts and take advantage of the 10 interactive features available.

Finally, in the spirit of health and wellbeing, is the Plant Based World Europe show taking place in October. This show includes over 100 exhibitors showcasing the ‘PlantBased Food Revolution’. This event is perfect for anyone with an interest in their general health and nutrition, as it encapsulates everything to do with plant based food and lifestyle. This show can teach anyone how to ingrain healthier living into your everyday life, while including vital features such as products free from any animal derived products.   

Posted by Jess