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Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the BDC Cycle Team!

17.08.2014 Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the BDC Cycle Team!

Well, what a first day! We managed to get out of Newcastle and upto the Angel of the North for a quick photo op, before taking to the road for the first time.

On our starting stretch down to Durham Cathedral our first casualties were claimed with a member of the team falling ill and Ramoe's first bike malfunction of the day. Durham also proved a tricky city to navigate for the support vehicles but the road from there onwards was much more delightful, despite the 30 mile an hour winds that blew us head on. There are a few red cheeks this evening!

We reached our lunch stop at Castle Eden Inn a mere few hours behind schedule, but the roast dinners rose spirits all around and with a quick re-fuelling we were back on track, albeit "treacherous" according to accounts team member Ben. The pleasant cycle route through the breezy countryside dipped us down and out of the wind for a good few miles allowing the team to make up for lost time and it wasn't long until we were back on track towards our 2nd night's stay in Guisborough.

The route through the country took a turn for the worse with minor amendments having to be made and as such it wasn't long until mutiny spread amongst the ranks and the route master's plans were challenged. However, for a change we ignored management advice and ploughed on regardless. Not only were the doubters proven wrong but the beautiful outdoors were enjoyed by all. Minus Terry who suffered a few small grazes!

Enjoyed that is, right up until the point that friendly front of house man Ramoe suffered his second bike fatality of the day, losing a pedal and almost his smile. The group pushed on and finally rolled into the car park not long after planned, still in high spirits and in need of some serious showers.

The day was a success, confirmed with Ben's sentiments, "I have thouroughy enjoyed myself". The one thing that has so far not been mentioned is that our home for the night looks out over the monsterous North Yorkshire Moors which we must face first thing tomorrow.

Daily Vital Stats
Days: 1
Miles: 55
Punctures: 0
Other Bike Related Problems: 2
Team Bonding Level: 4.5/10
Money Raised for Islington Giving: £27,924.38

To see how the team do on the second day, pop back for a look around the same time tomorrow when our heads will be resting in York.