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Over the hills and far away!

18.08.2014 Over the hills and far away!

What a day! After an early start and an unexpectedly gruelling climb out of Guisborough and to the start of our ascent over the North Yorkshire Moors the team were realising the gravity of what was ahead.

A punishing wrong turn prior to this really set the tone for the following hour, however, once the team received their first glimpse across the moors, spirits were lifted immeasurably. If it hadn't been for the driving winds and constant climbs everything would have been plain sailing. As it was, the moors claimed a member of the team with Dave suffering a knee strain. He pushed on regardless and was rewarded with the down hill slopes on the other side, where Paul and Ben competed for the fastest downhill speed of the day. Ben made it into the BDC record books with a top speed of 48 miles an hour and Paul in second place with 46.

Shortly outside the moors we were due for a stop in Kirkbymoorside where 4 of the front runners had already reached but with most of the team rested, we soldiered on to Malton for lunch. Support driver Graham was already awaiting as he had been getting repairs made following Ramoe "The Bermuda Triangle of Bikes" Mitchell's incidents from the day prior. North Ride in Malton really saved our bacon and put themselves out to make repairs within a few hours. We'd personally like to thank them for everything they did to ensure our bike ride continued without a hitch.

While we were taking a break in Malton, we stopped for lunch at the aptly named Blue Ball Inn. The land lady with whom we spoke to in advance was nothing short of incredible. She put on a special menu as 14 covers was a stretch for a small local establishment such as hers but they really couldn't have done more for a bunch of sweaty cyclists, despite Terry putting away almost three baguettes.

Back on the road the hills and weather continued and Jack Morris made the mathematical breakthrough of the day, in what is now referred to as the Simpson-Clarke Mile. Jack calculated that in order to ascertain the true distance travelled you must multiply what you are being told by 1.3. Whether this is fact or figment of his imagination is yet to be proven.

The team finally made it via Stamford Bridge (much to the dismay of several team members it was not the London based version) to the hotel in York. We have many sore knees and some aching bones but all in all, we feel glad the toughest day is behind us. Fingers crossed.

Vital Stats
Days: 2
Miles: 74 (Total: 129)
Punctures: 0
Other Bike Related Problems: 2
Team Bonding Level: 5 out of 10
Money Raised for Islington Giving: £28,224.38