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A Blessing In Disguise

19.08.2014 A Blessing In Disguise

A fresh and early morning start in York assured everyone was feeling perky and ready for the long stretch ahead. With the welcome news that the route had been modified in keeping with the additional miles already banked, the team were elated to get going.

As the crew crossed the Pennine Way cycle route through the flats of York the plains weren't the only flat we had to contend with. As we rolled into Selby to our first stop at the Abbey, Terry lost his back wheel to a vicious screw. As our luck would have it though, our mechanic stroke map reader stroke van drivers were on hand, along with the local Priest to get us back on the road in a speedy fashion. While waiting Joe and Graham literally cleared out local family bakery, Cooplands in anticipation of our lunch stop a few hours ahead.

With sandwiches, Yum Yums and half of Lineker's Walkers stash on board, we pushed on to Blaxton. While on route a hairy moment ensued as a motorist proceeded to pull out in front of half the team. The quick reactions of Jack ensured no casualties and we continued on at some top speeds to reach Blaxton for lunch on a grassy verge.

Whilst Graham declined Terry's challenges for additional fund raising in the form of Graham Vs. Food the cyclists made the most of a chance to rest their weary limbs. Conversation turned to some of the wonderful friends and family who have supported us thus far and we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all who have contributed their money, time and thoughts which go as far afield as Canada and Australia. WE THANK YOU.

After lunch Joe finally acclimatised to weather outside the M25 and braved taking his rain jacket off (for about half an hour) and it if it hadn't been for our navigation queen Jean then there would've been some of the team still cycling round the many bends we encountered.

Speaking of navigation there are still some doubters amongst the pack but Kate and Emma's exemplary route planning wasn't even in question today as the entire team reached the hotel ahead of schedule.

Vital Stats
Days: 3
Miles: 60 (Total: 189)
Punctures: 1
Other Bike Related Problems: 2
Team Bonding Level: 10 out of 10
Money Raised for Islington Giving:£28,355.63