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It's Never As Big As It Looks...

20.08.2014 It's Never As Big As It Looks...

Day four and we're over the hump, unfortunately as the riders found out today that doesn't mean no more hills!

After last night's epic meal at the Markham Moor Hotel the team spirit was super as we descended on the Little Chef for breakfast. We were greeted by Restaurant Manager Paulette who kindly went above and beyond to ensure the crew were fed and watered and even gave a substantial discount when she found out what were doing. Thanks Paulette!

Another frosty start through the country lanes was bracing for the cyclists as the hills once again ensued. Dave was back on the bike and looking strong after medic Colin attended to his knee and Georgina kept energy levels high with her cycle mounted tunes allowing the likes of Gloria Estefan and Michael Buble to join the ride.

A swift stop near Eakring provided an ideal opportunity to capture the team (above) in their promotional shot for Stabilo Boss' new highlighter range, whilst also consuming handfuls of jelly sweets.

Back on the rollercoaster ride that was our route, we pushed on through Newark on Trent where Graham cursed ever borrowing Stewart's bike. With the chain coming off at some inopportune moments, we'll censor the language for the purposes of this update.

Finally after a cheeky cycle path we were on the last stretch to lunch where Terry offered his hand in marriage to a fellow passing cyclist with whom he was quite taken. Fortunately for her, she was quicker on the pedals and managed to get away. Ramoe also tested his speed at this point reaching 34 miles an hour on the flat. 

Bottesford provided an idyllic lunch stop where Graham Simpson outdid himself with the lunch selection, having once again emptied a local shop. With a quick refuelling we were back on our way and the team enjoyed some wonderful sights along the canals through England's smallest county, Rutland.

Shortly after noting the fantastic surroundings the group saw an impending doom from over the road, with an impossible looking hill (mountain) that was necessary to climb. Emma assured everyone, 'it's never as big as it looks'. Minutes later sweating and panting at the top we were rewarded with Haribo and a fly past from the Red Arrows (arranged especially by Emma of course).

The remaining stretch of the day wasn't without complaints as an extra mile or so happened to appear on the distance, but Lincolnshire provided a picturesque back drop for the route to the vans. Once loaded we made our way to Grantham ready to sink into some ice cold baths and with only two days left there are some mixed emotions in camp.

Vital Stats
Days: 4
Miles: 59 (Total: 248)
Punctures: 1
Other Bike Related Problems: 2
Team Bonding Level: 10 out of 10
Money Raised for Islington Giving:£28,605.63