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Everyone Say Cheese..!

21.08.2014 Everyone Say Cheese..!

It's the penultimate day and also blog update from the Angel2Angel riders. Starting off at Grantham, questions turned to how many miles were left having seen signs on the way to our drop off point, directing to London.

As you may have seen during the day, the team reached the 300 mile marker and with a day left to go it wasn't long before people put two and two together. Well, actually, brains have become slightly dazed over the last few days, so it took quite a while but when Jack did his calculations it struck... The journey will be a tad over 325 miles. In fact, it may well finish us a tad over 350... With lunch stops, very minor wrong turns and amendments to the route the riders have made their way to the final night within 311 miles.

Thursday brought with it more fun with the finishing point yesterday being 10 miles from the hotel. Having been shuttled to the start of the journey the team were quickly on form as they crossed to Stamford. With 63 miles to cover only several brief stops were permitted before reaching Stilton for the first break. On the route in Ben got so excited at the prospect of some stinky cheese, he took a tumble grazing his arm (apparently saving a child from a badger - this is unconfirmed). Thankfully he was unharmed and only round the corner from Doctor Colin! After the drama, we were devastated not to be able to find a shop that sold the aforementioned cheese... Ben's Dad will be beside himself apparently..! A flapjack frenzy ensued on the streets of Stilton and with a revived crew the riders hit the road to push on to lunch.

As if the following 10 miles weren't hard enough, we thought it would be a fun challenge to try out some resistance training across the flats into the oncoming wind. The constant winds, battered us until the happy sight of Graham Simpson and the local pork pies came around the corner. A food contest between the men developed quickly with Ben scoffing four and half Jaffa Cakes and Graham and Terry racing to consume teacakes.

Back on the road from lunch we were soon treated to the second fly past of the week from the Vulcan that had been out at the Clacton Air Show. The afternoon was long as the wind continued to force the riders back, but comradery was high and the riders helped each other to the end of the route, which today was spot on the intended mileage. If it hadn't been for the drivers and Jean's exemplary navigation, we would still be out on a lane somewhere over the other side of Huntingdon.

The first signs pointing to London and a glimpse of a First Capital Connect train have kept the team going knowing they're not long from home and we are looking forward to completing the challenge tomorrow back at the BDC.

Vital Stats
Days: 5
Miles: 63 (Total: 311)
Punctures: 1
Other Bike Related Problems: 2
Team Bonding Level: 10 out of 10
Money Raised for Islington Giving: £28,854.38