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The Final Frontier

23.08.2014 The Final Frontier

It's been an emotional journey. One that will go down in both BDC and Islington history. The Angel2Angel riders have faced their most challenging stretch on the final day, with Chairman Jack taking over the reins navigating us the scenic route back inside the M25.

After the 'last supper' the previous night the team were jubilant and raring to go. Having been presented with awards all round the team were stocked up on Starburst sweets and with a final speech from Jack the riders were reminded what they had come all this way for.

Shuttled for the last time to their start point, the cyclists rode off to the sounds of Queen and with the music to spur them along a quick pace developed immediately. Nearly 20 miles into the ride was the first stop, as the team cycled through the gates of Gerald Morris' house where they were greeted by tea and croissants. Once fed and watered they were back on the road and pushed on through to Hertford where lunch was provided in the middle of town at Greggs. It was noted at this point that the trip had mainly consisted of cycling and eating and would probably go down in history as the only sporting event where the participants have burnt a days calories and still managed to put on weight.

As the familiar sights of red London buses marked the edges of the capital the undulating hills began to take their toll but persistence won over as they neared their final point in Islington. Freewheeling down Muswell Hill was our 'treat' and it wasn't long before the team re-grouped at Union Chapel to make their final stretch down Upper Street. Paul suffered a minor set back as he took the puncture total to two, but with the van right behind him he had it changed in under 10 minutes.

Euphoria at seeing our beloved borough quickly set in, and what an amazing feeling it was. The people of Islington cheered the riders on and it truly was a reward. Seeing our other colleagues who stopped traffic whilst simultaneously dousing us in champagne was a fitting arrival and up on the forecourt family and friends were waiting with confetti canons.

Crossing under the welcome home sign as the total mileage approached 380 miles the team downed bikes and hugged loved ones. In a week that not one of the 14 team members will ever forget, they have kept going for this moment and with the total raised standing at £29,000.00 their efforts will help so many of the people that need it in the BDC's borough.

This whole endeavour would not have been possible without the support of the BDC Board, who we would like to thank for covering the costs of everything needed. Their generosity has allowed all funds raised to go straight to Islington Giving, so from all us a big thank you.

Thanks also to the Hilton who threw a great welcome home party. The ladies next door pulled out all the stops and we really appreciated it. There are so many people we would like to thank who have helped along the way including the Good Eating Company who provided water and snacks, Onward Display for designing and printing our tops, Thorns for the packing blankets and to Jack without whom none of this would've been possible. To everyone else along the way, our grateful thanks.

Finally to the family, friends, colleagues, suppliers and clients who have donated their money, thoughts, time and motivational messages; you truly have been amazing, and for us to reach our stretching target is the icing on the cake.

Vital Stats
Days: 6
Miles: 64 (Total: 375)
Punctures: 2
Other Bike Related Problems: 2
Team Bonding Level: 15 out of 10
Money Raised for Islington Giving: £29,004.38