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BDC Launches New Online Exhibitor Service

24.09.2014 BDC Launches New Online Exhibitor Service

If you’ve ever exhibited at the BDC then you will be familiar with the extensive range of items that you can use to customise your stand. From lighting and electrics to shell scheme extras, the onsite partners have options to cover all designs.

After listening to feedback from both exhibitors and organisers alike, the BDC has taken the next step in exhibitions and over the last 18 months has developed a bespoke system for ordering exhibitor items online. Not only that, but as well as purchasing stand items exhibitors can now manage their required health and safety information and name panel forms.

In addition exhibitors can choose a range of options when selecting the positioning of their items including the new online stand planner. The first stage of development has already revolutionised the way in which exhibitors communicate their requirements with the BDC, speeding up the ordering of items for both space only and shell scheme stand options.

Project leader for the site, Kate Simpson explains; “We hope that this step in handling stand requirements will make it easier for those exhibiting at the venue. Immediate feedback shows a marked improvement in the exhibitor experience which is what we set out to achieve and we are now in the planning stages for some exciting new developments in 2015.”

Future phases hope to see an organiser management area and will allow more options to be available through our onsite partners such as the Good Eating Company and Onward Display.

To find out more, please contact the team.

Posted by David