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BDC staff take the Inside Islington Tour

01.12.2014 BDC staff take the Inside Islington Tour

If you’re like us then you may have opened the first door on your advent calendar this morning and the excitement of Christmas is now finally around the corner. At this time of year though, it’s easy to forget those who may not be able to look forward to so much over the festive period.

Earlier, this year the fourteen strong Angel2Angel team made the journey from the Angel of the North back to the Business Design Centre in London’s Angel Islington. The twelve cyclists rode over 375 miles each raising a final total of £30,629.38 for local charity Islington Giving and last week a group of BDC staff took the Inside Islington Tour to see what the money they raised is going to help.

The three projects visited were the Parent House, Help On Your Doorstep and the Culpepper Community Garden and throughout the afternoon it became increasingly clear that Islington has some truly unsung heroes. With the time and effort contributed by so little for so many, every penny raised for the charity really does go to some wonderful causes.

BDC team member Leanne Pettyfer who helps to organise the BDC Charity Quiz Night and the Old Time Music Hall both in aid of Islington projects joined some of the cyclists on the tour. She commented:

“Working in Islington you tend to think of vibrant Upper Street. Its shops, bars and restaurants, but you very rarely hear about the social issues people are facing on a daily basis. The Inside Islington Tour was an amazing way to find out how these projects around the borough are helping tackle people’s problems head on. Having worked on fundraising projects for several years now, I really enjoyed getting to know out a bit more about how the money raised gets spent.”

Over the next three days we will be blogging about the three projects the BDC staff visited so you can find out more too. For more information on Islington Giving and their work in the community have a look on their site, otherwise come back tomorrow when we will be delving into the hard work of the Parent House.

Posted by Kate