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Islington Giving Project Update - Day 2

02.12.2014 Islington Giving Project Update - Day 2

Last week’s Inside Islington Tour really showed how many people in Islington are willing to give up their time to help others but not many breed this dedication like the Parent House. It was clear from meeting three of the Mum’s that visit the project, once you’ve been helped by the small team there you want to put back in that, and more to help others.

The Parent House offers a range of learning and support for parents and carers who are isolated, vulnerable and at risk of extreme poverty and exclusion from the local community. Not only this, but they also provide a complimentary registered crèche for their learners' children whilst onsite. Courses are supported by a Project Worker to provide 1:1 support to help parents to meet their potential.

Some of their statistics include;

  • 50% of their mentors or mentees have found sustainable work
  • They provide 28 work placements each year (for 1 academic year)
  • 100% of their users are more confident after having worked with them and say they are more job ready
  • 100% leave with an action plan supporting their next steps
  • 100% are happy with the support they receive from The Parent House
  • They have 87% retention on all courses

On arriving at the parent house, it was explained that the building had been repurposed but had to be kept as the school house it was originally; ideal therefore as training space. It’s small, friendly and welcoming so you can see why parents become so comfortable that they feel part of the family.

The courses on offer to parents are wide ranging and through the mentoring scheme most mentees go on to become mentors, developing not only their skills but also their confidence. Angel2Angel organiser and BDC Manager Emma Clarke explains, “Meeting the three Mothers who had been supported by the project and then gone on to give support back to others was such a wonderful thing to hear about. Their sense of community and the fact that they have really managed to tailor their services to what the parents truly need is amazing. It’s really great to have been able to support the work that Islington Giving do in helping all of these local projects. Clearly they have a big challenge on their hands but the people that they are assisting really need it.”

For more information on Islington Giving and their work in the community have a look on their site and have a look to find out specifically about the Parent House.

Over the next two days we will be blogging about the two further projects the BDC staff visited so you can find out more too. Come back tomorrow when we will be looking at how Help On Your Doorstep are going door to door to bring the services people need directly to them.

Posted by Kate