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Islington Giving Project Update - Day 3

03.12.2014 Islington Giving Project Update - Day 3

If you’ve been following our story since August’s Angel2Angel ride then hopefully by now you should know more about Islington Giving and the great work that they do in our borough. This week we’ve been delving into some of the great projects visited by the BDC team last week, and today’s project is nothing short of amazing.

Help on Your Doorstep was established as a charitable organisation in 2009. Its core activity is a service called Connect, which operates in areas of Islington with high levels of deprivation. Islington is the 14th most deprived local authority area in England and the 5th most deprived borough in London. Connect aims to empower these isolated and vulnerable residents to improve their lives.

The most incredible thing about this project is that they go door to door bringing the services straight to the people that need it; referring enquiries to their partners, be it relating to legal, financial or otherwise. A staggering 50% of those the charity meet through their outreach program have never accessed local services. With total number of doors knocked growing from just over 19,000 in 2010-11 to over 26,000 in 2013-14, Help On Your Doorstep is truly impressive in its efforts.

BDC team member Sherry Thomas had this to say after visiting the project: “It was clear after meeting John from Help On Your Doorstep, the project is passionate about ensuring people in the borough are matched with the services they need, but may not know are available to them. The fact that the project workers go door to door and really take time to listen to individual issues is remarkable, so it’s great that through Islington Giving we have been able to support them to do this.”

To find out more about Help On Your Doorstep have a look online, and if you would like to donate to the charity directly then you can do so on their Just Giving page.

Tomorrow we will be blogging about the final project the BDC staff visited. For more information on Islington Giving and their work in the community have a look on their site, otherwise come back tomorrow when we will be looking at how the Culpepper Community Garden have created a wonderful place for Islington.

Posted by Kate