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Islington Giving Project Update - Final Day

04.12.2014 Islington Giving Project Update - Final Day

It’s the final day of our Inside Islington update and the last project to cover is Culpepper Community Garden. Out of the three projects the BDC team visited last week, this was the most magical. Nestled quietly between a row of housing and tucked behind a quiet park the Garden is a place where the people of Islington can come together.

Those who live within the vicinity of the park and aren’t fortunate enough to have outdoor space of their own themselves can rent a plot and grow plants, vegetables and flowers to their heart's content. It’s clear from visiting the enchanted space that winds in and out around trees and flower beds; it is well loved.

Plots are taken care of by Islington charities, groups from the local hospital amongst local residents and other outreach projects within the community. Terry Stark, Angel2Angel rider and BDC Accountant was in awe of the work done by the small part time team. “It was truly inspiring to see so many people from the local community come together with a shared passion for the garden. As we looked round, the space just went on and on and Martha who was explaining how the project ran made it hard to believe so much can be achieved by such a small group of people. The work that they do has created a beautiful place for the people of Islington to visit and spend time with the other locals – I just can’t wait to see it in summer now!”

Culpepper runs courses throughout the year, with everything from craft sessions to celebrating the seasons. For more information you can see their space online and for making donations to help fund their vision, you will soon be able to donate online too.

This wraps up our week of updates on the projects Islington Giving have been helping to fund with the money raised from the BDC’s Angel2Angel ride. We will keep you posted over the next year for more activities that the staff are doing to help raise funds for the borough, until then you can follow Islington Giving’s activities through their site or get in touch with them directly.

Posted by Kate