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The BDC congratulate Emma & Ed on their Marathon success!

08.05.2015 The BDC congratulate Emma & Ed on their Marathon success!

Only a few weeks ago, two members of staff embarked upon the epic challenge of completing the London Marathon. Staff working alongside the pair now know very well that this entailed months of training and life style changes to reach the level of fitness needed to complete the 26 miles. Ed Muboro our Security Supervisor is a 10 year veteran of the London Marathon and Emma Clarke Conference Sales Manager was looking forward to her first ever London Marathon (and we are sure it won’t be Emma’s last!)

Emma spent months following a strict training, fitness and healthy eating plan to make sure that she was prepared to complete the final goal. We spoke to Emma after she had recovered and the news had sunk in and she gave us a little insight into the story behind her taking on the challenge.

“I embarked on my first marathon training regime in October 2014 as I wanted to give myself plenty of time to train. I was inspired by a work colleague to enter the marathon in April 2014 and I successfully got a place the day after the Virgin London Marathon in 2014.
I have always run, representing my county as a teenager and using running as my core fitness technique into adult hood and therefore I have always dreamt of completing the London Marathon but never had the courage to apply.

I am very proud to have raised just over £1,750.00 before gift aid for PhabKids which a superb charity that helps children from all backgrounds and disabilities to enjoy days and weekends away. This freedom allows the children to develop social skills, independence and experience the world like an able bodied child.

The marathon itself was a hugely testing and a far bigger challenge then I had anticipated. At mile 16 my right knee went and the last 10 miles were the hardest miles I have ever run. The support all the way around the course was overwhelming with people handing out sweets, orange slices and assisting with the water stations. Of course I have to say a huge thank you to my friends and family who were dotted along the course and kept my enthusiasm and focus high! The sense of achievement and pride fully outweighed the lonely winter runs, giving up the vices (wine and chocolate) and the 10 miles of constant pain on the day - I have even entered the 2016 ballot! 

For anyone who is thinking about running a 5K, half marathon or a full 26.2 mile marathon I would really encourage this challenge, just put in the training hours and you will succeed!”

Ed saw this as another great opportunity to take part in the London Marathon and this would be his 10th year of running in this event. Ed used every possible opportunity he could to train during the lead up to the Marathon.

“I had an absolutely brilliant marathon and posted a terrific time of 3hrs 1min 25sec. And after 4 months of tough training and sacrifice, this great achievement made it all the worthwhile and even sweeter for me because of the noble cause that I was running the marathon for. I have so far raised £1,500.00  for Revitalise which caters for disabled people in the UK by offering 24 hour care and respite for them and their carers. This fund will go a long way to assisting the Charity reach it’s goals but even more important promoting and giving this Charity a platform in the venue.

On the race itself, I really enjoyed the day. The first 8 miles felt like a bliss because of a good pace strategy, and when I got to the half distance mark at a time of 1hr 28min, I was very delighted because I knew that would have set me up for a 2hr 53min finish. I felt very strong and re-energised mentally and physically in the second half and although my pace dipped because of the recurrence of a knee soreness and cramp on my right ham-string on mile 22. After half a mile I felt much better but I could not regain my pace and struggled in the next 3 miles. On the last mile, feeling very strong, I gave it a big push for the last time finishing just 85 seconds and shy of a sub 3. But I was mightily over-joyed and over the moon!”

All the staff at the Business Design Centre would like to congratulate both Ed and Emma on their amazing efforts along with everyone else who ran this year’s London Marathon. Congratulations!

Posted by David.