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Revolution Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary!

19.05.2015 Revolution Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary!

Sitting down with John and Rob in Jack’s restaurant it’s clear to see how training at Revolution can be so much fun. Their light hearted yet serious approach to fitness has seen some spectacular client transformations over the last ten years – you only have to have noticed one of the Revolution ads to know they get results.

Rob, John and Giuseppe came together with the idea to form their own business, approaching the Business Design Centre for space to create their own gym. Ten years on the trio have expanded to two suites at the BDC and have grown their staff to an impressive 17 trainers, who between them log over 400 hours of personal training a week. With clients ranging from 10 to 74 years of age, the team at Revolution address member’s goals individually and through tailored programmes make them a reality.

What’s wonderful to hear about is the family run ethos that brothers Rob and John along with business partner Giuseppe have created at Revolution. They are clearly aligned with the same family run nature at the BDC and credit some of their success to the support given by the management here at the venue. Whether it is recommending clients or supporting the promotion of the gym, there is definitely some synergy between the two businesses – both of which create a fun environment to achieve the optimum results.

One of the key differences between the team at Revolution and your standard gyms is the personalised service and programmes they offer. You don’t just wake up in January, buy a membership and waste your money; in fact their 12 week transformation programme gives proven results with women dropping up to 4 dress sizes and men banishing their ‘beer belly’ in under 3 months.

So where do they see themselves going in the next 10 years? The pair chuckle as they have just signed a new ten year lease here at the Business Design Centre, but the more exciting news is the plans they have to branch out into the City. They are already in the preliminary stages of setting their second space up but the clientele on their books here in Islington is part of the reason they have become such a success. They have captured the diversity of the borough with a portfolio of customers across all walks of life and that’s part of what they love.

Revolution’s ten year anniversary is on Wednesday 24th June but they will begin celebrating from this week when they will be holding an outdoor gym day on Friday 22nd May on the lower forecourt here at the BDC.

For more information you can have a look online or follow them on twitter or facebook.

Posted by Kate