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24 September, 2019 -

If you're looking for showroom space, then look no further! Here you'll find a complete overview of the showroom space and facilities available right now at our modern business conference and exhibition centre in Islington.

BDC Offices and Showrooms

If you’re looking for showroom space then look no further! Here you’ll find a complete overview of the showroom space and facilities available right now at our modern business conference and exhibition centre in Islington.

The Business Design Centre (BDC) in Angel is one of London’s most popular conference and exhibition venues. With a rich History and stunning modern design this impressive building is already home to over 100 businesses who rent office space or showroom space at the BDC.

Showroom Space v Office Space?

What’s the difference between showroom and space and office space you say? The key difference is outlined below.

Showroom Space: Designed to show off your products and services to customers through

Office Space: Designed for housing your team and providing them a place to work

At the Business Design Centre we have both types of spaces available with showroom space leading out onto the main exhibition floor as well as unique office spaces for multiple business sizes.

Is Showroom space at the BDC right for me?

Absolutely! With over 130 unique showroom spaces at the BDC ranging from 100sq.ft to 12000sq.ft you’ll find the ideal environment to showcase your company’s products and services.

Best of all your showroom will be located in the heart of this bustling building which sees 500000 visitors attending over 300 shows and exhibitions every year. So not only do you have a place in which to show and house your products but you also have the organic exposure generated by the constant stream of visitors to the building. There are also many opportunities for internal networking and learning more about other industries and services.

What kind of showroom space is available?

There are loads of options available such as Showroom 201 – a newly refurbished stunning 1700sqft space on the Mezzanine level which offers direct access to the exhibition floor. This unit is ideal for a top of the range product display showroom and presents a stylish modern interior and an outstanding list of facilities.

Unit 207 is a 1100sqft space that offers a perfect environment to house your company. Complete with its own meeting room and kitchenette and all the extra facilities the BDC has to offer this office provides you with everything you need and more.

Serviced Office 119Cis ideal for a small company or start up. This 250sqft office includes all services and utilities and offers a perfect low maintenance office space within this prestigious and magnificent building.

Facilities available with all showroom space at the BDC include:

• 24-hour concierge service and security 365 days a year.

• Fantastic IT and Telephony infrastructure with 100GB internet and IT Support

• Adjacent Hilton Hotel with accompanying corporate rate.

• On-site car parking that falls outside the congestion zone.

• Conference and meeting room space with optional catering.

• Storage facilities

• Over 85 Exhibitions and 120 conferences a year – networking and business opportunities.

The local area

One of the best aspects of hiring showroom space at the BDC is the location! Situated in the heart of Angel the Business Design Centre is surrounded by over 200 bars and restaurants as well as shops gyms cafes and cinemas.

There are even restaurants located inside the BDC building itself including Jack’s Restaurant on the upper mezzanine level and The Skinny Kitchen near the entrance.

So you won’t need to travel far to find a quick and tasty bite before returning to your busy showroom.

Enquire about showroom space at the BDC.

If you’d like to find out more about showroom space at the BDC you can get in touch by contacting Terry Stark on 020 7288 6011 or terrys@bdc.london.

The best way to assess whether showroom space at the BDC is right for you is to book a free tour. The team will be more than happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have.

Visit our Showroom Directory to find out which businesses already call the BDC home!

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