Atlantic Trading is one of the world's largest market makers in exchange traded interest rate options.

Our activities are carried out by traders across the world. On ICE, Atlantic is a designated market maker for Euribor and Short Sterling options. On Eurex, Atlantic is a designated market maker for Bund, Bobl, Schatz and Eurostoxx options. Atlantic provides Eurodollar and Fed Funds option prices on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and JGB options on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Atlantic maintains extensive relationships with the world’s major exchanges, clearing banks, and independent brokerage houses. Atlantic’s clients depend on its ability to provide option prices regardless of market conditions. For the last fifteen years, Atlantic’s capacity to satisfy these requirements has been based on its proprietary trading software and highly experienced management and trading staff. By focusing on the needs of its clients, adhering to its risk analysis methodologies and the continuing development of its staff, Atlantic will ensure its continued success.

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