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Exhibitor Advice

Exhibitor Advice

There is so much that can be done, but it takes everyone to play their part when it comes to improving our environmental impact. We ask all exhibitors to the venue to follow this advice when on site and preparing for your event in order to be part of the solution…


Make sure you place any stand orders before you arrive, ideally at least two weeks prior to the show. Check on a show by show basis to see what your stand has on it, where you need power and lighting, this is usually done via the BDC’s Online Ordering System. This helps us to correctly plan quantities, as well as staff required and helps us to reduce anything last minute which may have an environmental impact. 

If you are placing orders with external companies for other items on your stand, ask them to provide you with their green credentials... what are they doing to improve their impact and do they have some sustainable alternatives?


If possible, use a logistics company to send your items ahead to arrive on the stand before your arrival – less for you to carry on the day too!! Check with your organiser to see if they're already contracting a company, or get in touch with the team at WES.


When it comes to your stand itself, make sure it’s reusable. None of the waste generated at the BDC goes to landfill and it’s important that exhibitors take their stands home with them, so you may as well ensure its reusable and for the end of its life – recyclable too! Our in house stand graphic company, Onward Display, can help with this and have some great non-toxic, recyclable materials that you can choose.

Bring less, and follow up better! Do you really need all those leaflets? Try leaving them at home and plan a follow up strategy for all those key clients you meet at the show. When you are bringing items on site, please avoid single use plastics.


We advise all guest to the venue that the best thing that you can bring is a refillable water bottle!! There are chilled filtered water stations around the venue that you can fill your bottle up at for free. Look out for the signs around the venue in both the main hall and gallery spaces.

If you like tea and coffee, don’t forget your reusable cup! You will get 30p off your tea or coffee when you purchase it from the onsite restaurant, Jack’s.


When throwing away items in bins around the venue make sure you double check where it’s going. We have increased the signage on the bins around the venue in order for you to help us separate this better avoiding contamination, but if you can’t find the right bins, one of the team will be able to help.


Pre-event and when onsite, our Venue Services Team are always available to help with any queries and will be particularly happy to assist with ways to make your event experience as sustainable and as environmentally friendly as possible. You can find out who is managing your event in our exhibitor section.

Our concierge team at the front desk are always available to help with any queries. From restaurant recommendations, to arranging taxis, you just need to head to the front of the building to get assistance. You can contact the desk 24 hours a day on 0207 288 6475.

We hope that this helps ahead of your visit, and make sure you connect with us over on our social channels (at the top of this page) to share your visit with us.