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Donate not waste is an initiative where we divert event waste that can go to a better home.

Project One is for charities, schools and play centres waiting to receive anything that can be diverted from waste, for example:

Card & paper, wallpaper, containers with lids/boxes, clean new bottles, fabric, fur & textiles, bubble wrap, stationary, CD’s & CDR’s, ex-display materials, novelty goods, foils & films, production off cuts, reject stock, rope, cord, twine, wood, mannequins, ribbon, tubes, sample books and more... can be collected and delivered to a willing new home.

Project Two works in collaboration with LV Enterprise, which is an organisation in London that offers interactive projects for their community. The projects integrates community education, community employment and community enterprises for the benefit of the community. One of the projects they have embarked on is Furniture Fix, whereby in partnership with members of the community that are interested, they provide the following services.

The purpose of the project is to develop skillsets in furniture making & fixing for unemployed members of the community, as well offer income generation opportunities to those with the technical and creative skill-sets in furniture upcycling as well to help establish a sustainable business model network for those interested in extending the life-cycle of furniture products as a form of self-employment/self-enterprise as well as those who provide auxiliary services to the furniture industry such as furniture collections and delivery partners.

They store, sort, clean, detox, repair, personalise, customise, upcycle, sell, collect, deliver and part exchange furniture – so once a show is over any unwanted furniture and potentially stand builds can be offered to them for collection.