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Organiser Advice

Organiser Advice

We know that the list can seem endless when preparing for your event and that there is so much still to be done, but it takes everyone to play their part when it comes to improving our environmental impact. We have provided tips for your exhibitors and visitors and recommend the following when it comes to holding a more sustainable event... 


When it comes to the items on your events, ask yourself... Is it necessary? Is it made from recycled or environmentally friendly products? Whether it is recyclable or compostable? Is it undated so it can be reused? We're talking bottles, lanyards, bags, guides... 

If you can reuse it then take it away, if it is in one of our waste streams then you can find out what happens to it in our waste management section. If you would like to arrange for use to donate any resuables you can find out more about our initiatives.


Contact your BDC account manager to arrange a day when you can invite exhibitors onsite to tell them more about their stand options, access to the venue, how to make the most of the event and how they can approach the event with sustainability in mind. Our experienced project managers will be on hand to support you with the day and can provide assistance on a range of issues. 


If possible, use a logistics company to bring all the show kit in one go. They can receive all exhibitor items in advance and deliver to the venue. We work with the team at WES who will be happy to tell you more about the ways they are working to reduce their impact. 

We also have some great supplier's onsite who have environmental practices in place. Our in house large scale print company, Onward Display, can help with everything from branding to stand graphics and have some great non-toxic, PVC free, recyclable materials that you can choose from. They also print onsite so less transport to the venue is required! Find out more about our onsite event partners. When you are bringing items on site, please avoid single use plastics.


All of our onsite partners have provided their own commitments to sustainable operations and its good practice to request this from all of your suppliers. We would like to request that suppliers bringing items such as furniture or exhibition materials on site consider how this is packaged. Any packaging should be taken offsite and reused.


You have an incredible power to communicate and educate your visitors and exhibitors, helping to change their habits and expectations. We advise all guests to the venue that the best thing that they can bring is a refillable water bottle. There are chilled filtered water stations around the venue that you can fill bottles up at for free, with more being installed in the New Year.

Hot drinks enthusiasts, shouldn't forget their reusable cups! There's a 30p discount off your tea and coffee when purchased from the onsite restaurant, Jack’s.


Make sure exhibitors place any stand orders at least two weeks prior to the show. This is done via the BDC’s Online Ordering System which has reduced paper in the ordering process significantly in recent years. This also helps us to correctly plan quantities, as well as staff required and helps us to reduce anything last minute which may have an environmental impact.


Surely saving money and the planet at the same time is a double win? Have you considered printing your rigged banners or venue signage without dates or specific content then branding it at each event? The easiest for storage is banners that can be rolled, but get in touch with Onward Display to discuss how they are already doing this on events here at the BDC.


We are working hard to separate the waste at the source. We have bins for all types of waste, so it is important for you to tell our team what you are bringing on site or which services you would like to provide. Compostable catering packaging requires the correct bins for example, so start the conversations and we will support you. 


You may be able to skype in a speaker but we know your events would be nothing without its attendees, so when not look at setting up an offsetting programme for your event travel.  


Pre-event, when onsite and post show, our Venue Services Team are always available to help with any queries and will be particularly happy to assist with ways to make your event experience as sustainable and as environmentally friendly as possible. You can find out who is managing your event in our organiser section.

Our concierge team at the front desk are always available to help with any queries. From restaurant recommendations, to arranging taxis, you just need to head to the front of the building to get assistance. You can contact the desk 24 hours a day on 0207 288 6475.

We hope that this helps ahead of your visit, and make sure you connect with us over on our social channels (at the top of this page) to share your visit with us.