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Our Ethos

Our Ethos

It comes down to the ability for us to successfully meet the needs of the present whilst not compromising that of future generations.

Our CSR and in particular environmental initiatives have won us several awards over the last few years. The Exhibition News CSR Award has recently been retained from 2018 to 2019 but what does sustainability really mean to the BDC?

Sustainability comes down to the ability for us to successfully excel at meeting the needs of our customers and visitors whilst not compromising that of future generations. We are in the unique position in the events industry that we can educate many people at once in a short space of time by changing attitudes, perceptions and behaviours and there are many event professionals who are already leading the charge. 

The main environmental actions have been taken already here at the BDC. We send none of our waste that cannot be recycled or reused to landfill, we use 100% renewable energy to power the building and we offset anything that cannot be avoided (we've held a carbon neutral certification for 10 years now). The other areas in this section of the website, will explain how we manage our waste, the creative ideas that we have come up with in order to divert waste to be reused, the projects that we invest in and how this ultimately impacts on the environment.

Sustainability for us also focuses on our local community and our philanthropic activities as without the environment we live in, we wouldn't be here. We are currently contributing efforts of varying levels to many of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and it's important that we have partners that share our vision when it comes to these. Working alongside the Carbon Neutral Company, we have fostered a partnership that not only offsets but also invests in key developing communities around the world.