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Our Policy

Our Policy

This year we have looked at our commitments when it comes to sustainability and put forward some key missions to focus on. We understand that these aren't going to happen overnight for everyone, but we hope that organisers, exhibitors, tenants and other guests to the venue will join us in aiming towards ensuring these goals are met and maintained.


You can review the sustainability policy at the bottom of the page, however the commitments are outlined below in more detail:


We are currently removing all plastic bottles and other single use plastic items from sale in collaboration with our catering partner The Good Eating Company. Still and sparkling speaker water is refilled on site using glass bottles from our in house filtration system and refillable water stations throughout the venue offer free chilled, filtered water.

We recommend those coming to the venue bring a refillable bottle and have outlined tips for visitors, exhibitors, organisers and tenants in the other areas of this section. We are currently putting plans in place to extend the number of stations around the venue in the coming year.


The Good Eating Company now provide a plastic free catering service. Where required, cutlery and crockery is either reusable or made from compostable products. Discounted hot drinks are available in the onsite restaurant Jack’s when guests bring their own reusable cups or containers.

We ask that organisers and exhibitors do not bring single use plastics for use on their events and should they need to bring items in, look at the different ranges of compostable options that are available. 


Our great links in the area with schools and charities ensure that there are always people who will be happy to receive anything that can be used again. This means everything from card, paper, fabric and textiles to boxes, bottles, stationery, ex-display materials… and more. The team can take this off your hands before it goes to waste when arranged ahead of an event.

There is more information on this in the Environmental Initiatives section, but please contact the project manager on your event for help on how to arrange this.


Waste that can’t be donated or reused will be recycled or responsibly incinerated and turned into energy. We work closely with Islington Council to ensure that our waste goes nowhere else.

We ask that anyone who brings something onsite for an event, takes it away unless this is otherwise arranged. The best case is for anything created for an event is reusable and recyclable. For more information on this, you can see the Waste Management section.


Secure bicycle storage is available in the car park for cyclists to use free of charge, as are charging points for electric vehicles.

You can look at the visiting us section to see more options on how to get here and if possible on events look to offset travel to the venue. 


Showers are available for all venue guests to use to freshen up before their visit. Additional facilities are being installed in the year ahead.

If you would like more information about the showers, then please contact the concierge team at the front of the venue. 


All venue lighting is low energy lighting including fittings across all exhibition stands. Our commitment to future fit-outs in the venue’s office spaces and showrooms will all be done to the same specifications and areas around the venue are fitted with motion sensors. 

As a venue we understand that a bi-product of successful operations will mean an impact on our environment, however we also have the opportunity to educate all those who enter the doors of our building. We will continue to work with our team, customers, tenants, visitors and wider industry, to ensure that this impact is positive and promotes change for the better. We will continue to measure and improve our sustainability performance across all areas of the business as a part of our ongoing core objective supporting positive corporate social responsibility.

If you have any questions about the way in which the venue operates or about how you can help to meet these goals, please contact your event project manager or a member of the team.

Open the Sustainability Policy 2019-202
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