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Business Design Centre has always had a strong affinity with the its local community both surrounding the venue and the wider Islington borough, as well as with important charitable other causes. We variously support this by fundraising, volunteering time and donating. The BDC primarily supports three charity partners- The Morris Charitable Trust, Islington Giving and The Brain Tumour Charity.

The Morris Charitable Trust (MCT) was established in 1989 to support charitable causes. It was founded by the Morris Family whose principle business - Business Design Centre Group Ltd - is based in Islington. The company variously contributes a proportion of its annual profits to fund the Trust's charitable activities, or alternatively provides the voluntary support of their staff, with their time and expertise, towards local charitable causes.

The MCT principally donates to charitable causes with a focus on Islington and  local community projects. These include projects which alleviate social hardship, promote education, community harmony, health and wellbeing and that help disadvantaged young people, adults and senior citizens. It also supports wider charities. The MCT has donated over £2million since it was founded. 

“It was a joy to see both the children’s & parents faces when they saw the transformation

Linda Morris – Morris Charitable Trust

The trust also donated towards the All Weather 7-a-side Football Pitch for St Marks C of E Primary School to provide a local hub for both the local community and school. The MCT is also a founder member of Islington Giving. For further information please go to the MCT Site.

Since 2010 the Morris Charitable Trust, in partnership with The Business Design Centre has been a founding supporter of Islington Giving, a ground-breaking local charity campaign. Islington is a borough of stark contrasts – a place where wealth sits alongside entrenched, hidden poverty. The staggering statistics tell part of this story, particularly given the perception of Islington as an affluent borough.

Invisible Islington, ar report prublished in 2017 by the cripple gate foundation, exposed the borough’s split personality. This showed Islington as a place of “striking social extremes, where London’s richest and poorest residents exist side by side, living entirely different lives. "These findings led to the foundation  of The islington Giving campaign, which has so far raised £5 million to support local Islington residents. As well as mobilsing a major volunetering pregramme within the community.

Over the last few years, the BDC has helped spread the word volunteering time and support to various projects, with more planned for the future.

“As a founding member of Islington Giving in 2010, the Morris Charitable Trust has given vital support to develop, establish, and grow a trailblazing initiative that has gone on to inspire a further 23 ‘Giving’s’ across London. The commitment of the Morris Charitable Trust to improving the lives of Islington residents is manifest in its 8 years of vitally important contributions to Islington Giving, which build upon its far-reaching support within the borough and further afield since 1989. The relationship with the Morris Charitable Trust has helped Islington Giving to build additional partnerships alongside locally based businesses such as the Business Design Centre. Chair of the Trust, Jack Morris CBE, is also Chair of the Islington Giving Appeal, and officially launched Islington Giving at an event held at the offices of The Guardian in 2010.”

Samuel Stensland – Islington Giving

As well as these, BDC also supports the Brain Tumour Charity. The charity has undergone rapid expansion in recent years having merged with Brain Tumour UK, Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust and the Joseph Foote Trust. Their work was inspired by both Samantha and Joseph who sadly passed away due to brain tumours. The funding they get makes it possible to carry out research, raise awareness and support to save lives and improve quality of life. The BTC funds pioneering research to find new treatments, improve understanding, increase survival rates to bring us closer to a cure. The charity are constantly working on projects which are testing new ideas that haven’t been tried in this field before. For more information and to find out how to support the charity take a look at their site .

London Village Network (also known as LVN) provides a tool kit for youth and community leaders to build a better network for disadvantaged young people in Islington. Their purpose is to help level out the playing field by creating a platform that enables all young people access to careers advice based on their interests. LVN asks adults to volunteer their time in a ‘village mentality’ to help raise productive happy and successful young adults in the borough. The BDC have been involved with the charity for over a year they now operate from the coworking space onsite, BDC Works. For more information see their website.

Updated: 09/08/2018