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In just three years, Islington Giving has established an effective track record of delivery and significant impact.


The Morris Charitable Trust (MCT) was established in 1989 to provide support for local charitable causes. It was founded by the Morris Family whose businesses - Business Design Centre Group Ltd, Business Design Centre Ltd, Upper Street Events Ltd, City North Islington Holdings Ltd and Clifton House Islington Ltd - are based in Islington.

The companies variously contribute a proportion of their annual profits to facilitate the Trust's charitable activities or the voluntary support of their staff, through their time and expertise, towards local charitable causes. The MCT is also a founder member of the Islington Giving Campaign.

The MCT primarily donates to charitable causes with a focus on Islington and community projects. These include projects which alleviate social hardship, promote education, community harmony, health and wellbeing and that help disadvantaged young people, adults and senior citizens. For further information please go to

Every year the Business Design Centre sets out its business objectives for that year, of which one always entails helping out in the local community.


Since 2012 Business Design Centre has been supporting Islington Giving, a ground-breaking local charity campaign. Islington is a borough of stark contrasts – a place where wealth sits alongside entrenched, hidden poverty. The staggering statistics tell part of this story, particularly given the perception of Islington as an affluent borough.

• has the second highest level of child poverty in London
• has the shortest life expectancy of men in London
• has the highest level of male suicide in London
• has the least open space in England
• 15,000 Islington children live in families where nobody works
• 18,000 residents have no formal qualifications

In just three years, Islington Giving has established an impressive track record of delivery and significant impact in three areas - tackling poverty, investing in young people and confronting isolation. Islington residents can now participate in community activities when and where they want, especially at weekends when most public and community organisations are closed, bringing much needed help to people living in social exclusion and disadvantage. 

Over the last few years, the BDC has helped spread the word volunteering time and support to help with various projects, with more planned for the future.

For example, in 2008 it was decided that we would help Toffee Park Adventure Playground. Toffee Park is a place where children and young people can play freely, meet new friends and have fun whilst being supervised. They are a charity offering both indoor and outdoor play spaces where children can express themselves creatively and test themselves physically.

Toffee Park was in desperate need of a new kitchen, computers, paint etc. So here at the Business Design Centre we helped by not only raising funds through an auction but, with the help of The Morris Charitable Trust, we also successfully installed a new kitchen. We still donate a variety of goods from unused paint to any items discarded from shows. One of our long standing tenants also donated a whole football kit to their team.

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