Our general guide from our security team for your safety when on site at the Business Design Centre and when spending time in the local area.

We take your safety and security seriously, so for this reason we implement all necessary measures to ensure that our team and building are prepared for emergencies. We operate in close partnership with our local emergency services and frequently provide training to staff to ensure that they are able to meet the needs of our guests should an emergency arise.

You are encouraged to take an active role in safeguarding both yourselves and any personal property you might bring into the venue. We run a number of crime prevention and personal safety initiatives with the local Police Service so if you require any such advice, please do not hesitate to contact our Head of Security to discuss this in more detail.

Mark Burns
Head of Security
0207 288 6481

When you arrive at the venue, please acquaint yourself with the emergency exits. Take note of the emergency telephones around the building, which have red handsets, and the general layout of the facilities. Any member of our in-house Security team will be more than happy to help you with this or any other information you might need.

In light of the current security climate, we bring your attention to the following information provided to us by the relevant authorities:

Suspicious Packages

Should you find a suspect package please notify Security immediately by using the red (emergency) telephone handsets located in the stairwells throughout the venue. DO NOT use your mobile phone. Suspicious packages must be treated with extreme caution and should not be touched. Move yourself and any other person away from the area but make sure you are able to direct security to its location. Follow the instructions of members of security and fire marshalls who you will be able to identify.

Run, Hide and Tell

Whilst the national threat level remains high, fortunately, incidents of terror attacks are rare. Despite this, we have to be aware they do happen and so we must try to prepare for any eventuality. The Security Services work hard to keep us safe and have produced general advice for us to follow, should the unthinkable happen. For more information on this you can visit the government website.

In case of emergency, you can call 999 for the Police, Fire or Ambulance services. The non-emergency number for the Police is 101.

If you have any security, related concerns please do not hesitate to contact the BDC in house security team at the front desk in the building.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the Business Design Centre.

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