Our Frequently Asked Questions for Event Organisers.

Audio Visual​

Aztec is the BDC’s approved audio-visual and production partner. Aztec offers a total solution for your event, from advance planning and design to AV hire, live production, on-site management and post-production. 

To find out more or get a quote, contact Chris Harris.

Chris Harris – 0207 803 4000 – chris.harris@aztecuk.com
Or visit www.aztecuk.com

Our purpose-built auditorium, located in the Conference Centre, is ideal for events with up to 500 attendees. The auditorium has:

  • Full blackout facilities
  • LED up-lighters to personalise the event space in your company’s colours
  • Three-section adjustable house lighting
  • Space for an AV set build
  • Motorised AV truss for easy installation and de-rigging

Contact your project manager to find out more.

Or, to hire speakers and lighting equipment, contact Chris Harris.

Chris Harris – 0207 803 4000 – chris.harris@aztecuk.com

At the BDC, electrical service provision is open to all. However, our in-house electrical team know the venue very well, so you may find it easier to work with them. For pricing contact our event management team.

If you are bringing your own electrical appliances on-site, please ensure they are PAT tested regularly, with a recent PAT test pass certificate. 

We do not offer extension leads – to arrange extension leads, please call Aztec – the BDC’s approved audio-visual and production partner – on 0207 803 4000


We can start to receive deliveries from the beginning of your agreed tenancy however, all items will need to be collected before the end of the tenancy.

The BDC’s preferred logistics supplier is WES Logistics. They can:

  • Deliver items to your stands at the start of your tenancy
  • Take care of storage boxes during your event, if needed
  • Return your items after your event

For more information, please contact Wes Logistics on 0208 508 2224 or email info@wes-group.com.

As part of your event, our housekeeping team will keep all common areas clean throughout the day, including:

  • Toilets
  • Conference rooms
  • Exhibition areas
  • Walkways

If you find that we’ve missed a spot, just let us know and we’ll deal with it straight away.

We like to keep waste to a minimum at the BDC, so please try to take your waste home with you. If you think there will be a large amount of rubbish to dispose of after your event, let us know so we can plan a solution.

The BDC and event organisers are responsible for ensuring exhibitors and contractors follow all regulations when entering and leaving the loading bay and Liverpool Road. 

Access to the Loading Bay from Liverpool Road is for vehicles only, no pedestrians. 

Limited additional exit points for loading are available for some larger exhibitions. However, street parking restrictions still apply, enforced by police and traffic wardens.

BDC marshals will be available in the loading bay during the build-up and breakdown periods, as well as one hour before. 

The loading bay opening hours are:

  • Mon-Fri – 08.00-22.00
  • Sat – 08.00-20.00
  • Sun – 09.00-18.00

These opening hours are non-negotiable due to Islington Council restrictions.

Please talk to your event manager about deliveries so they can ensure smooth building and de-rigging.

We have two goods lifts in the loading bay for the delivery of exhibition materials. Please note that transporting materials in the BDC passenger lifts is not permitted.

Here are the dimensions of our goods lifts:

Main Hall goods lift (Upper loading bay)

  • Capacity – 3000kg
  • Size – 3900mm long x 1900mm wide x 1900mm high

Gallery Hall goods lift (Lower loading bay)

  • Capacity – 3000kg
  • Size – 5500mm long x 2550mm wide x 2500mm high

Please be aware that there are several doorways you will need to pass through when transporting materials from the goods lift to the exhibition spaces. The height of these doorways is around 2000mm.

Contact the team to arrange a site visit so you can plan your build.

If you are sure you will need porters, we recommend our preferred supplier.

Contact Pinnacle Crew on 0870 609 1993 or email info@pinnaclecrew.co.uk.

Health and safety

At the Business Design Centre, we’re committed to operating in compliance with all legislation and guidelines covering Health and Safety at Work. We require that all licensees, organisers, exhibitors, contractors and visitors comply with the law and the venue regulations at all times.

All organisers, exhibitors and contractors must supply relevant health and safety documentation. You can upload this via our online portal for exhibitors or directly with the team. 

The BDC takes every possible precaution to protect our visitors’ property during events. However, we cannot be responsible for any loss or damage.

We recommend that you take out insurance cover that includes, as a minimum:

  • Legal liability for personal injury
  • Damage to third party property based on a limit of indemnity of £2-5 million

We have robust, well-tested procedures in place for all types of emergency at the BDC.

If you discover a fire, or someone reports a fire to you, raise the alarm immediately. You can do this by:

  • Dial 6666 on any internal phone. This will connect you to the reception. Tell the duty officer where the fire is, your location and your telephone extension.

If you can, try to prevent the spread of fire by closing doors and windows as you raise the alarm. Try to help stop other people from going towards the fire until help arrives. But, please do not do anything to endanger your life.

If you need to evacuate the building, you will hear fire alarm bells and tannoy messages asking you to leave the premises. Please go by the nearest fire exit as instructed by the security staff. Do not stay in the building to collect bags or valuables.

If you are attending a conference or exhibition, please take time to familiarise yourself with the location of the fire exits.

The fire assembly points are:

  • Front of the building – either front plaza or round the side of the building by the tanning shop
  • Rear of the building – pavement area outside the old Royal Free Hospital on Liverpool Road

Please stay calm and encourage others to do the same. Help others that are struggling if you can.


To help you and your guests find the perfect accommodation during their time at the BDC, we can put together a unique HotelMap showing:

  • Hotel options
  • Best possible rates
  • Special offers

The HotelMap website allows you to see hotels, availability and best prices for the specific dates of your event.

We can also arrange a bespoke link for your event for you to share with your attendees, allowing them to get the best live rates for their rooms.

Office services

We have an excellent Wi-Fi service throughout the venue.

For events, we can offer uncontested hi-speed password-protected Wi-Fi coverage, wired internet connections and complimentary Wi-Fi access for exhibitors. Please ask your event manager for prices.

If you need copying, full-colour or large-scale printing, we have a printing company based on the ground floor of the building.Please call Online Reprographics on 0207 288 6288 or email info@onlinerepro.co.uk.

Shell scheme stands

When event organisers require a shell scheme, we use the Octanorm System. 

Standard shell scheme hire includes:

  • Back and side free-standing partition walls
  • Carpeted floor
  • Daily cleaning

For questions regarding space-only stands, please talk to your event manager.

Octanorm is a modular system of aluminium poles and beams holding 4mm infill panels to form the stand’s walls.

The fascia is 175mm deep.

The ceiling is an open grid, with 70mm beams fixed diagonally over the stand.

The height to the underside of the ceiling is 2325mm.

The wall panels are 2500mm high x 990mm wide when fitted with poles and beams. The face size of the panels is 2340mm high x 950mm wide.

The poles are 40mm in diameter, projecting forward 18mm. They are finished in white using a powder coating system.

The finish on the wall panels is white Foamex.

You may not fix anything to the wall panels using nails, staples, double-sided tape, pins or screws.

The recommended fixings method is double sided Velcro or low tac materials, but please DO NOT apply to the metal work. If you need to purchase some or unsure on your fixing method, please visit the Service Desk.


Please ensure all Velcro, graphics and stand decorations are removed and taken off site. Please note that a charge will apply for anything not removed.



You will need to consider first aiders, marshals and cloakroom assistants dependant on the event. To get accurate costs, please contact our team who will be able to put together a schedule based on your event requirements. 


There are free secure bike parking facilities in the Upper Street Car Park.

Bus routes 4, 19, 30, 38, 43, 56, 73, 341, 394, N19, N38 and N4 serve Upper Street and the Business Design Centre.

For your convenience, we have a secure, 237-space car park on-site. If you’re driving to the Business Design Centre, make sure you pre-book your space to avoid disappointment.

Simply enter our postcode into your satnav – N1 0PW

Here’s everything you need to know about parking at the BDC:

  • Upper Street Car Park
  • Located next to the BDC, under the Hilton Hotel
  • Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Protected by CCTV and on-site security
  • Dedicated spaces for motorcycles
  • Facilities for disabled drivers
  • Free bike parking
  • Charge points for electric vehicles
  • Max. vehicle height: 1.9m

Parking prices:



Day – 07.00 – 19.00

£8.40 per hour (min. 2 hours). £4.20* per hour thereafter.

Night – 19.00 – 07.00

£2.80 per hour (min. 2 hours)


Motorcycles: £6.00 for 24 hours

If you cannot get a space in the Upper Street Car Park, the nearest public car park is a multi-storey in the nearby shopping centre.

Promotional activity

When you hold an event with us, we offer free listing on the Business Design Centre website. This gives web visitors the chance to discover your event, visit your site and buy tickets. Fill out our event form with all relevant information to add your listing now.

We also like to promote events on our social media platforms:

This is a free service for organisers to promote their events to our network. Make sure you follow the BDC on all our platforms.

We offer two billboard sites in front of the BDC venue, facing the main road. At peak times, more than 1000 people will pass these sites, so it is a great way to promote your upcoming event and grab attention on the day. It is advisable to book these advertising sites as early as possible, as they are very popular.

We also offer branding on our windows at the very front of the building.

Access times

Our operating hours are laid down by local authorities. Your access hours will be written on your tenancy agreement, as well as when your tenancy begins and ends.

Mon – Fri: 08.00 – 22.00

Sat: 08.00 – 20.00

Sun: 09.00 – 18.00



Seating capacity:

Seating capacity:


Seating capacity: Boardroom

Gallery Hall








Room A




Room B




Room C




Room D




Room E




Room F




Room G




Room H





If you’ve cycled to the Business Design Centre, or just want to freshen up before a meeting, we have shower facilities freely available. Visit Stairwell F or ask our concierge team for directions.

At the Business Design Centre, we provide free, secure, cycle storage facilities for visitors in our on-site car park.

During events there will be a cloakroom to keep your items safe whilst you enjoy your day. This will change depending on the event, so head to the what’s on page to find links to each event website.

Organiser Support

Here’s all the information you need to plan your next event experience.

Talk to us today about hosting your event.
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