It’s been a long journey to become the iconic venue we know today…

The Business Design Centre began in 1862, as the Royal Agricultural Hall, on Baker Street. In the 1880s, the hall’s popularity meant a larger venue was needed. They found the perfect site – three unoccupied acres of land in Islington.

The new building in Islington was a massive success. Its large covered space with an enormous single-span roof was tailor-made for agricultural shows, some attracting more than 100,000 people. However, after being taken over by the Post Office after World War II, it fell into neglect.

Royal Agricultural Hall BDC

In the 1980s, Sam Morris from the Business Design Centre Group identified the potential of the Islington site and rescued it from demolition. He set about restoring the building to its former greatness. In October 1986, the new Business Design Centre opened for business.

Today, the BDC is regarded as one of the premier event venues in London. It hosted Stella McCartney’s first collection in 1996, the BAFTAs in 1999, the Czech Olympic team in 2012 and many more. The team works hard to make sure everyone who comes to the BDC has a great day.