Business Design Centre is proud to be B Corp Certified

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At the BDC we are on a journey of continual improvement, that's why becoming a B Corp Certified organisation means so much to us.

“This is a huge milestone in the Company’s history. To be able to meet the rigorous standards set by the B Corp model show that we are moving along on exactly the right path when it comes to the way we take care of both our people and the planet. Receiving B Corp status is the next step on our journey of continual improvement across all aspects of our business and one that we are extremely proud to celebrate. We are a purpose-driven business that holds a strong belief in doing things better, for the people under our roof, our community and for the world around us and look forward to working alongside B Corp and the B Corp community.” 

Dominic Jones, BDC Chief Executive Officer

What is B Corp?

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B Corp Certification shows that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to environmental impact improvements.
In order to achieve certification, a company must undergo a rigorous review of the impact of their operations and business model on their workers, customers, communities and environment – meeting a minimum score across the assessment. Companies must also make a legal commitment by changing their corporate governance structure to be accountable to all stakeholders.

Why B Corp matters to us

B Corp is a gold standard framework when it comes to holistically operating a business in a way that supports the needs of people today whilst leaving a better world for the people of tomorrow. We undertook certifying with B Corp because it sat so well with the way in which we are already working and gave us a model to build and develop on.

We believe in doing business better. That’s why we have been working to support our local community since 1989 through our charitable arm, the Morris Charitable Trust, and why we have been making strides in improving our environmental impact since 2010. We are proud to be a CarbonNeutral® venue that is aiming to meet Net-Zero before 2030, but it’s not just that though… it’s about supporting the people that make us the business that we are today.

Hear from our staff

During the verification process, I collated a large amount of the information needed to add into the system, so it's gratifying and I'm proud that we have been recognised with a B Corp Certification. I'm excited to see how we as a company develop and grow from here.


Nanthini Sivarasa
Assistant Management Accountant

Over the last year I’ve been increasingly involved in diversity, equity and inclusion as part of my role. I’m really excited that we are now a B Corp and look forward to seeing how I can contribute towards using our learnings to support others.


Leanne Pettyfer
Business Administration Manager

I’ve been at the BDC for just over a year now and have joined the New Talent, Sustainability and DE&I Groups. It has been eye-opening to see the BDC’s commitment to wellbeing, the environment and inclusivity and I am very proud to work for a company which constantly works on these areas and more in a meaningful way. To be now certified as a B Corp is truly rewarding and reflective of the culture at the BDC.


Yasmin Ansari
Marketing Coordinator

I’m a passionate runner and have done a number of marathons and fundraising runs. The BDC always support me charitably and they also involve us as a team in other activities within the venue, whether it’s a food bank or community project. The impact that we have as an organisation is a big part of what makes us who we are.

Ed Muboro

Ed Muboro
Security Supervisor

I love that we have so much autonomy in supporting our team with whatever they need. From a raft of health and wellbeing measures, to being able to provide tailored support – the BDC has always been a place that continues to adapt and change to the needs of the people who work here. I’m excited that we have certified as a B Corp because it shows that we are operating to a standard that is recognised.

Charlotte Barker

Charlotte Barker
Venue Sales Manager

We’ve been moving through the B Corp assessment and review over the last eighteen months, and it’s been a great way to look holistically at how our company operates across these areas. Despite being straight forward, the process is quite rightly challenging and so we know having completed it, we are joining an incredible international community of other organisations that are also doing business better.


Kate Vandenburg
Marketing and Communications Director

Our environmental impact is one of the most important topics we are facing in the events industry. It’s great that this forms part of the B Corp assessment and is something that will be continually evaluated for businesses that are certified. I’m looking forward to sharing our journey and story to support the people who organise events with us at the venue.


Hayley Constable
Deputy Head of Venue Services

Our Wider
ESG Strategy:
A Platform for Good

The environment is an important focus for our business, but we also set targets to support our community and people as well as the industry we work in. Below is a summary of the year’s activities and evaluation of our strategy, Being the Change.

Find Out More About B Corp

B Lab is the non-profit network transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities and the planet. Created in 2006, the mission was to inspire and enable people to use business as a force for good.

There are B Labs across the globe (forming the B Global Network) including Australia, East Africa, mainland Europe and North and South America and B Lab UK was founded as a charity in 2015.