From working to support our people and our community to improving our impact on the world around us, sustainability is part of our day to day operations.

B Corp

At the BDC we are on a journey of continual improvement, that’s why becoming a B Corp Certified organisation means so much to us.

Net-Zero: Our Future

With the help of the carbon consultants at ecollective, we have looked at our carbon footprint and now know what we need to do to take the venue from carbon neutral to net zero emissions. We’re working on the plan to reach our target, which you can find out about here.

External BDC shot
Our Emissions Breakdown

Carbon Neutral:
Our Journey So Far

We have been measuring and reducing our footprint for over a decade and offsetting any residual emissions with the help of Climate Impact Partners. Take a look at what this means as well as more information on the CarbonNeutral® Protocol.

Our Wider
ESG Strategy:
A Platform for Good

The environment is an important focus for our business, but we also set targets to support our community and people as well as the industry we work in. Below is a summary of the year’s activities and evaluation of our strategy, Being the Change.
Recycling Bins

More on
our Ethos
at the BDC

We are constantly working towards a better future at the BDC. Take a look if you would like to read more about our ethos, current policy as well as some of the initiatives that we work on.