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Our Work In The Community

Our Work In The Community

As a Company we are always striving to leave a positive legacy within the local community.

Business Design Centre has always had a strong focus on its work in the community. As a Company we are always striving to leave a positive legacy within the local community through various projects and schemes. Winning our recent EN Award for Corporate, Social Responsibility in early 2018 often prompts the question of how we manage to do so much, but throughout each year our staff are encouraged to get involved in activities outside of their day-to-day roles, many of which include mentoring, fundraising and volunteering.


Most recently we have welcomed London Village Network (LVN) to the venue, offering space in BDC Works as a base for them to run their growing charity. LVN is an Islington based grassroots charity dedicated to social equality and community cohesion, which encourages busniess people and professionals to volunteer at least an hour of time a year to inspire young and often disadvantaged people by participating in their programmes. So far, BDC staff members and now tenants of the venue have volunteered their time to work alongside both the LVN team and the young people, who come from areas around the borough who may not ordinarily have access to the skills for the professions that they wish to enter. For ways to get involved you can find out more online.

Since 2013 several members of our team have been organising an annual show called the Old Time Music, Hall formerly. That’s Entertainment. For the first three years, this invited members of the public in conjunction with Age UK who may be living in isolation. More recently this reached out to local families through Islington Giving. The events are hugely popular and provide a cost free afternoon of food, music and performances from a longstanding tenant of the venue, Anna Fiorentini’s Theatre and Film School. The team draws on favours from our service partners who support the event which couldn’t run without them.


Over the last two years working with a local college, six members of the BDC’s middle management volunteered their time in conjunction with the Career Ready programme. This programme offers sixth form students one to one mentoring over the course of a year, helping them with employability and social skills as well as growing their confidence. This also incorporated master classes whereby our social media team ran a session on LinkedIn, setting up their accounts and learning how employers use social platforms in the recruitment process.

In early 2018 a group of City and Islington College students attended the venue for a morning session on the different routes into employment. Following a tour of the venue, members of our BDC team and CEO with experience in apprenticeships, internships, on the job training, starting straight from college and university, told their personal stories to the students offering a chance to ask questions and quiz us on the lessons they had learnt in the early stages of their employment. If this is something you would like to get involved with in future then please get in touch with our HR Manager. (Email link to Leanne/Sherry)


From walking to running, the BDC team here are keen to take to many challenges in support of others. With London Marathon runners Natalie and Ed in 2017, to the Prudential 100 cyclists Emma, Terry and Ben the year beofre, a year doesn't go by without someone taking on a sponsored challenge. The Shine Walk in September is a firm favourite for staff members, with Sean and Georgina taking it on and our resident adventurer Hayley has not only tackled Kilimanjaro but in 2015 followed this with a trek across the Sahara. With so many charities based locally and some even based in the venue, such as Revitalise, it’s easy to get involved.

Come back and find out what the team get up to in 2018!

Updated: 09/08/2018