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For ten years now, the Business Design Centre has been operating as a CarbonNeutral® Venue, the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. CarbonNeutral® is a global standard awarded to the BDC which also provides help for various projects across the world in rainforests and by reducing country emissions. The venue also carries out ‘0% to landfill’ with Islington Commercial Waste Services whose profits solely provide Islington’s youth community with the opportunity for apprenticeships in the area.

Over the years, we have won many awards and received recognition for our eco-friendly venue and sustainability initiatives. Most recently, BDC was presented accolades at the Exhibition News Awards - ‘The Eco Award’ in 2016 and ‘Corporate Social Responsibility Award’ in 2018, both for the approaches taken in addressing our impact on the local and wider community.

In the coming year, further initiatives will be introduced to the venue to decrease our carbon footprint as a company. All spotlights installed during exhibitions will be LED par 38 spot lamps, equivalent to 120 Watts tungsten and rated at 15 Watts. We will also be changing our walkway lights from fluorescent to LED and replacing our boiler which will create a 50% reduction in energy consumption.

BDC is always looking at ways to further diminish our enviromental impact and over the last four years, we have reduced our total energy consumption by 1,680,000 kWh. We aim to discover and implement new initiatives as they arise into the future.

We are an ethical and environmentally conscious organisation and it is very important to us that our preferred suppliers also share our vision. Our key onsite suppliers demonstrate this at the highest possible standard;


Based in the venue and operating the restaurant, Jack’s, The Good Eating Company (GEC) our the exclusive in house catering service partner. The need for environmental protection forms an integral part of The GEC’s business philosophy. The fact that their activities, or those of their employees, may have an effect on the environment is of great importance to them. The Good Eating Company has an environmental management plan and operates in a manner that attains and sustains compliance to the International Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001. The Good Eating Company continuously assesses and improves its environmental performance and endeavours to operate in harmony with the environment, with particular emphasis on the following:

  • Compliance
  • Sourcing Materials
  • Production
  • Waste & Recycling
  • Energy
  • Transport & Distribution
  • Consumers
  • Employment & Training


AVC Live Ltd, are the onsite preferred AV service to the BDC. They are committed to minimising their inevitably environmental-effecting daily operation and fully comply with legislation. AVC believes that sustainability is not only their duty to the environment, but also their corporate responsibility as an ethical company. With green initiatives towards using energy-efficient equipment, they also maintain this on-site to reduce transportation. Although the use of energy is limited primarily to energy efficient AV equipment, they nevertheless seek to manage their use of energy, reducing consumption and continuously improving efficiency wherever possible.


 Based in two showrooms/offices at the venue, Onward Display are the BDC’s preferred signage and event printing solution. Innovation is at the heart of what Onward Display do as a company and it’s imperative to them that they continue to seek out and offer the latest in products that can reduce their impact on the environment and expand the range of recyclable materials available to their customers.

The industry by its very nature has an impact on the environment and as a company it is their intention to minimise its effort on the global climate as much as possible by the implementation of a sound and sensible approach to sustainability in the manufacturing process. To do this, they have formalised many of the processes they, as a company, have used from the very beginning. Remove, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle is a well-used and recognised basis for sustainability and is their approach.

Updated: 13/02/2019

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