At the BDC, we are always working to elevate our local community.

Since its opening, the Business Design Centre has always looked outward at our local community, getting involved in several excellent projects and initiatives. It’s why we were awarded the EN Award for Corporate Social Responsibility in 2018.

We are proud that the London Village Network (LVN) use our BDC Works space as a base for their growing charity. LVN encourages business people in the local area to donate at least an hour of their time each year to help young or disadvantaged people in the community. Another thing our team loves to do is take part in an annual Old Time Music Hall show, for older people in the area, in partnership with Age UK.

The BDC works with a local college to offer a year-long one-to-one mentorship programme for sixth form students. Our team members help the young people build social skills, become more employable and use LinkedIn to their advantage. We have also staged seminars at City and Islington College, where our CEO and other team members told their stories of how they got into the business.

Many of our team members are keen charity fundraisers. From London Marathons to treks across the Sahara and even climbing Kilimanjaro, barely a year goes by without a team member taking on a new challenge to raise money. We also love that we have charities, such as Revitalise, based at our venue.

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