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Moving Office Space Check List

07.11.2019 Moving Office Space Check List

If you’re thinking of moving office space, it’s important to begin planning even before you’ve selected your new location. 

Our moving office space checklist includes tips on the what, why, how and when of choosing an ideal office space for your business. It also features an overview of things you’ll need to do before and during the big move.

Moving office space checklist - step 1

Why move? There are plenty of reasons why you may be in need of a new office. Perhaps your company has outgrown its current location. You might feel you could secure a better deal on an office elsewhere. Or maybe you just feel like it’s time for a change!

Whatever your reason for moving office space, it’s important to ensure that your next move is made with the long-term in mind. Moving office space can be expensive, stressful and even detrimental to your workforce if it’s not managed efficiently. But, it can also be a positive change, improve motivation of staff and increase your chance of recruitment success as the company grows.

So, before you begin hunting for a new professional pad, ensure you’re very clear on why you’re considering moving office space in the first place as this will shape your decision on where and when to move.

Moving office space checklist - step 2

When it comes to choosing your ideal new office space, it’s important to make a ‘must-have’ list.

Location is usually most important, closely followed by facilities available, the length of the lease on offer and, of course, price. Even if you’re a small company comprised of just a few staff members, it’s important to have a conversation with employees and ensure that moving office space won’t have a negative impact on valued members of the team. 

The last thing you need is to shell out lots of cash on a swanky new office space, only to find yourself having to recruit new team members to fill it. Think about the kind of office environment you’d like. These days, there are loads of options to choose from when it comes to finding your ideal office space. You might like the idea of a casual open plan workspace, a sleek and modern corporate office or even a collaborative co-working space.

Take some time to visualise your ideal office space and then start googling some options in your chosen location[s]. Try specific search terms such as “modern office space in Islington” so your search results will be relevant to your needs.

Moving office space checklist - step 3

Once you’ve secured your dream office space, it’s time to begin planning the office move. Many businesses outsource moving office space to companies who can take care of absolutely everything that needs to be done. This can reduce a lot of stress, but can also be pricey. 

So, if you’re not in a position to spend a lot of money on outsourcing your office move, you’ll need to brush up on your project management skills and take on the job yourself! Simple online project management tools like Trello can be useful in helping you document and prioritise everything that needs to be done.

Then think about timings. When do you want to move? Decide on a date and work back from there. It can be helpful to physically pack up a dummy desk, including all equipment, computers, furniture and anything you’d plan to take along in the move. Then multiply the time taken for that one desk across all employees and add more time as a safety buffer! 

The same applies for the rest of the office. Take a walk around and make a note of everything you plan to take along when moving office space, from whiteboards to filing cabinets, so nothing is left behind.

Moving office space checklist - step 4

Once you’ve sized up your stash of furniture, equipment and all miscellaneous items, it’s time to decide who will be moving everything for you. 

Using a dedicated office removals company is a wise choice as they will be experienced in treating office equipment with care. They should also be able to share any tips or advice for how to ensure a smooth process on the day (or days - sometimes office moves take a few days, so factor this into your timeline!)

There are plenty of companies to choose from, so make sure you select one that has good customer reviews and a proven track record of successful office moves.

Moving office space checklist - step 5

When it comes to the big day, make sure you’ve blocked out your work calendar and can be on-site to oversee the move and take care of any potential issues that may come up. 

It’s usually best to move office space over the weekend to minimise disruption to your working day. But if that’s not possible, try and use the evening or select a day when employees are able to work remotely or won’t be impacted by a less productive day than usual.

We hope our moving office space checklist gives you some useful tips to consider before and during your big move. If you’re interested in finding out about office space available at the Business Design Centre in Islington, get in touch on 020 7288 6011 or email