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Investing In People – The Value of Training Your Team

17.09.2020 Investing In People – The Value of Training Your Team

The workplace has changed, in some cases, beyond recognition. Now that the vast majority of us are still working from home (or living at work as we’ve heard it described), training and development is needed more than ever. Training ensures people feel supported, valued and most importantly, will provide you with a stronger ROI.

A broad look at organisations across the board shows that huge numbers of staff are still on furlough schemes or facing redundancy, and restructures are becoming the norm. Staff who remain or who will be coming off furlough soon have to develop new skills or transition into new roles very quickly.

At Impact Factory this is what we see is going on with teams right now: there are fractured teams, exhausted teams that need revitalising, new teams that are being created because of restructuring, depleted teams because of redundancy, teams brought back together after furloughing, teams champing at the bit, teams that are uneasy and uncertain, excited teams, unfocused teams, creative teams. The list is endless because each team and each situation is unique.

Since most teams are also operating remotely they will need additional support to be effective. What we at Impact Factory see repeatedly is that managers can have a hard time getting the balance right between micro-managing and leaving their teams to just get on with it.

Training helps people learn how to communicate more effectively online, how to have difficult and challenging conversations, how to keep team members engaged, focused and motivated, and how to support colleagues who have additional issues and distractions working from home.

Not only that, Impact Factory has also been asked to support people’s morale and emotional well-being by running training to help build their resilience, set good boundaries and ask for help when needed.

Training helps people grow in confidence, learn new ways of behaving, develop solid relationships, build trust and encourage the best in their colleagues. Whether it's remote or face-to-face, good training will make a significant difference in the how companies can bounce back.

Jo Ellen Grzyb, Director, Impact Factory

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