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1 November, 2022 -

For our final instalment in the Staff Favourites Series, we spoke to Kieran Press, of Signify Digital.

The eagerly anticipated final instalment in our series of staff interviews is with Kieran Press, Marketing Manager at Signify Digital. We sat down with Kieran to find out what he thinks about the exhibitions at the Business Design Centre, as well as his thoughts on if the BDC should honour tradition, and host a cattle show. Read on to find out more… 

One of Signify Digital’s very own, Kieran Press, shares his thoughts (coherent and otherwise) on the events and exhibitions at the BDC. 

I: Hi Kieran, thanks for coming in. 

K: No problem, nice to meet you. 

I: How long have you been working for Signify?

K: Since October 2019, it’s been a very enjoyable experience so far… We used to have an office down this little side corridor, and now we’ve got this place (Unit 209), it’s nice, it’s a good place to work. 

I: Great. And what’s been your favourite event so far at the BDC, and why? 

K: I mean, the coolest is the London Art Fair, I think… but the busiest is the Country Living Christmas Fair. 

At this point, the interview is interrupted. Nathan Palmer (also of Signify Digital) suggests that the well known London 2022 International Stamp Exhibition should be his favourite. Kieran disagrees.

K: Nah, I think the London Art Fair. I had a good little browse, saw all the art, it’s just really cool, it’s like being in a giant gallery. 

I: And if you could tailor make an event for the BDC, what kind of event would it be? 

K: What me personally? My dream event? 

I: Yes

K: A football event, you know where there’s footballers knocking about, would be my dream event. 

I: What would they be doing? Just playing football? 

K: All manner of things. All manner of activities… Yeah, some kind of sports event. The podcast event was quite cool as well actually, I remember walking past Luisa Zissman, from The Apprentice, do you remember her? She’s like a businesswoman, and now she has a podcast I think. 

I: Interesting

I: I know you did history at University, have you got any really good facts about the building: 

K: There was one time a crocodile escaped, I think

I: What?

K: I guess it was at one of the agricultural shows? A crocodile got out of its tank and started running around. 

I: That’s so cool! You definitely haven’t told me that before.

K: Yeah… (trails off) 

At this point, he tries to look up another fact. Cheating! 

I: Okay. Final question. How would you feel if the BDC went back to its roots, and hosted a cattle show? 

K: I think it would be quite cool. But it would be quite loud. As long as there’s a Llama section near our office. 

I: Expand on that for me, Kieran. 

K: An Alpaca section. 

I: Why Llamas and Alpacas?

K: I just think they’re quite cool. 

I: You know Llamas are quite aggressive?

K: Really? Okay, ditch the Llamas, just the alpacas. We just wouldn’t want to be next to the cows or anything. 

Unfortunately, this is the final segment in our series of staff interviews for the Business Design Centre. If you’re interested in looking at some office space in the building, or using us for an event or exhibition, please do get in touch. 

For any other enquiries, contact us here.

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