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22 July, 2022 -

Running over the course of two weeks, the BDC was proud to host New Designers, which presents the work of 2,500 hand-picked graduate designs from different universities around the UK. The event is the longest running and leading design showcase in the country and has been held annually since its inception in 1985.

“Championing the future of design since 1985”

Introducing New Designers

Running over the course of two weeks, the BDC was proud to one again host New Designers, which presents the work of 2,500 hand-picked graduate designers from universities around the UK. The event is the longest running and leading design showcase in the country and has been held annually since its inception in 1985.

New Designers not only allows for young graduates to showcase their creations, but also offers the chance to network and connect with industry experts and develop potential opportunities within the sector.

The two weeks are separated into differing aspects of design, with week one exhibiting textiles and fashion, costume design, surface pattern design, and illustration, ceramics and glass, jewellery and precious metals work and contemporary design crafts. Week two displays furniture design, product and industrial design, spatial design and visual communications, inclusive of graphic design, illustration and animation, and motion and digital arts.

The likes of Design Nation, John Lewis, Hallmark, Wilko, Made.com, LEGO, and TU were at the venue to present awards to the winners, with the BDC sponsoring the New Designer of the Year Awards in the two respective weeks.

Build Up

Fundamental practices, such as checking health and safety, stand builds, stand extras, loading bay management and venue maintenance fall under the responsibility of the BDC’s Venue Services team. Our service desk is also open for the build-up, ready to assist and help with exhibitor queries or additional orders.

The build-up period allows time to install everything from visually engaging graphics and signage to giving exhibitors time to dress their stands. Our organisers set out their plans for the venue and we support them in delivering this.

Our fantastic supplier and BDC resident in fact, Onward Display installed the ND22 graphics across the venue. From the external graphics and escalators to the balustrades, the BDC is turned into the home of New Designers for it’s two week tenancy. The show isn’t complete until the universities arrive though – we are always amazed at the universities stands, the graduates designs and how visually captivating they are.

Sponsor to the event, Campari, added to the experience offering refreshing drinks for those attending the event.

It’s in the name; as it was a design exhibition, every part of the consumer journey was significant. From the minute they stepped onto our forecourt, to being at the heart of the designers innovative pieces, the experience is a truly special one.

Two weeks of celebrating success

Having a look around the exhibition over the two weeks, we were lucky enough to view some of the incredible products and designs conceived by so many talented graduates. From unique fashion pieces, to electronic devices with ranging capabilities, we were amazed to see the thought processes and inspirations behind the finished products.

Both weeks awarded many winners of individual accolades, with the New Designer of the Year Award, runner up and winner, concluding an evening on both week one and week two.

Week 1 Winner – Chloe Grieve, Edinburgh College of Art

Week one saw Chloe Grieve from Edinburgh College of Art obtained the New Designer of the Year Award for her vibrant print and pattern work, named Shape Play, utilising bright colours. Chloe took home the prize sponsored by the BDC, and we are all wishing her the very best with her future career. You can check out her work on Instagram.

The week also awarded Bonnie Mustoe-Whitehill from Plymouth College of Art and Design with the runner up award. She presented her collection of jewellery and tactile objects. The BDC also sponsored Bonnie’s prize and we wish her all the best too! Check out Bonnie’s Instagram here.

Week 1 Runner Up – Bonnie Mustoe-Whitehill, Plymouth College of Art
Week 2 Winner – Ryan Waterhouse, Bournemouth University

Week two arrived with a buzzing atmosphere following week one, and we saw the winner and runner up welcomed to receive their awards in this week too. Product Design student Ryan Waterhouse from Bournemouth University successfully obtained the New Designer of the Year Award. Ryan created Terra Nova; a soil nutrient monitor created for use within the agricultural industry, which impressed the masses greatly.

The runner-up prize for week two was awarded to Graphic Design graduate Poppy Scoffings from Northumbria University with her vibrant creation, It’s Party Time, of which its purpose is to encourage young people to vote due to the lack of knowledge regarding policies that will directly affect their lives. You can find Poppy on Instagram, and learn more of her design here.

Week 2 Runner Up – Poppy Scoffings, Northumbria University

We also took great pleasure welcoming a number of other businesses to hand out a great range of prizes alongside the above winners. You can find out more about them here.

At the BDC are very proud to be able to sponsor and host New Designers, as we share the show’s belief in giving young people a platform to demonstrate their talents, whilst they can also meet and showcase them to those established in industry.

We were blown away by the show as always, and we were so pleased to meet the award winning graduates as well as being able to welcome the organising team back to the BDC for their return to an in person event for 2022!

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