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11 June, 2019 -

Today Beth and Nathan from Signify Digitalhave answered some burning questions on digital marketing and the future of tech

This week we have collaborated with companies that we work with and provide a home to here at the Business Design Centre who work within and alongside the tech sector. To celebrate London Tech Week we have a blog each day this week featuring a member of our community and their view of the industry. Today Beth and Nathan from Signify Digitalhave answered some burning questions on digital marketing and the future of tech…


Signify are a small digital marketing agency based within the Business Design Centre in Islington and work alongside SME business leaders who want to see powerful results from their online marketing campaigns.

Many of our clients work within the Healthcare & Technology sectors but we’re fortunate to work across a wide range of industries – so every day is different!

Since forming Signify in January 2018 it’s been a fascinating journey and we’re proud to have gone from strength to strength meeting some wonderful people along the way.


Every day starts with a great breakfast…

Once in the office we go through our todo lists and set out a plan for the day. We always try to allocate half hour slots for each piece of work to keep things fresh and focused.

We’ll analyse websites and make improvements for search engine optimisation (to improve rankings in Google.) We build websites adjust pay-per-click bids publish blogs manage social media networks and support pretty much anything our customers need to get more enquiries for their business. Invariably if you come and knock on our door you may catch us debating what to bid on a particular keyword or if we should be using Lato Thin or Monserrat!

We love to get out of the office and if not meeting with clients you might find us in a local café (or pub) going through business strategy or hosting team meetings.


One of the biggest changes we’ve seen over the past few years is how marketing has become more measurable than ever so every activity we undertake can be reviewed on its performance. Business leaders can actually see a tangible return on their investment and as a result have started taking online marketing more seriously.

Website design has also evolved significantly over the past five years. Gone are the days of having to hard code everything and website building being out of reach to all but the most tech savvy of the world. Now the challenge for marketers is not how to simply build a website but how to make it work optimally on a mobile or tablet device run as quickly as possible and be set up correctly for search engines.

Paid advertising campaigns have also changed a lot with a serious shift towards artificial intelligence ‘AI’ in relation to how campaigns are setup and optimised. In previous years campaigns were very much manually created and looked after. In 2019 the shift has been hugely towards ‘responsive’ ads and automated bidding techniques that try to get more from your budget. Is it better than an old-fashioned human? We’re skeptical at the moment and like to strike a balance between using ‘AI’ but also ensuring we are involved and keeping a close eye on how our clients campaigns are performing.


As we have just discussed the ‘AI’ movement is certainly an exciting one and if managed correctly can not only significantly increase campaign performance but also save marketers time on managing every element of their campaigns.

Video marketing is also exploding in the tech world. People spend significantly more time on a page with video content so that’s a big opportunity for businesses who want to increase user engagement within their website.

We’ve already talked about measurability of marketing – advancements in tracking customer journeys provide another really powerful opportunity for businesses. We can now see exactly how people interact with every aspect of a website so we can tailor the experience to them and get a better result from their interaction.


We’re really excited about two things: the launch of 5G technology and the progression of cryptocurrency.

With speeds of at least 10 times what we currently see from 4G technology 5G opens up so many options for businesses. From expanding the reach of the technology to work faster in crowded or more remote areas to its use in technology such as smart vehicles and augmented reality the potential is incredible. Our only drawback will be the additional EE adverts with Kevin Bacon we may have to suffer through.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are always a hot topic and something we’ve been excited about for a long time! Its volatility is captivating and the potential for its use is extraordinary especially with how it can be applied to businesses. Our adopted cryptocurrency is the Russian Cryptocurrency – Waves!

If you’re interested in finding out more about Signify Digital and we can help then visit our website at www.signifydigital.com.

Or to hear from the people behind the blog post give us a call on 0207 288 6204 or email connect@SignifyDigital.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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