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Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

Having switched to renewable energy at the venue, as well as reducing our waste output and working to more sustainably support the functioning of the venue and our business activities we are constantly aiming to lower our carbon footprint. There will always be an element of what we do that cannot currently be reduced to zero so it's important for us to ensure we offset any residual emissions to get to this point and this forms a key part of our environmental strategy.

We work alongside the Carbon Neutral Company, and have done now for ten years. They helped us to focus on our outputs, which in the initial stages highlighted where our goals should be in terms of making key changes to the venues infrastructure. Once our residual emissions were calculated, they then closely supported us in finding projects that we felt were well aligned with us and would have the maximum impact in both offsetting and the communities in which these activities took place.

In the coming year we have chosen to support several great projects around the World, in developing environments. These projects are selected not only for their benefits on the ecosystems but also for the ways in which they strengthen their local communities and contribute in supporting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. You can watch the videos below to find out more about these key projects:

Acre Amazonian Rainforest REDD+ Portfolio, Brazil

Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve REDD+, Indonesia

Water Filtration and Improved Cookstoves, Guatemala