Discover a powerful, playful way to push the boundaries of how we communicate, leaving a lasting impression and cutting-edge assets to share with your audiences.

Picture this – a large group of people at a conference trying to absorb thousands of spoken words, process the core messages and remember the salient bits later on! That’s a tough call for anyone. Live scribing offers a dynamic solution. Scribing taps into the visual-nature of people, aiding learning and memory-retention by distilling core ideas, awakening discussion and inspiring problem-solving. It often throws a light on the crux of the conference.

How does it work?

We illustrate (scribe) live, using large scale imagery to lead groups and individuals towards a goal and capture key information. This visual method is used for various events such as meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences and it has many names including graphic facilitation, live scribing, sketch notes, event doodling and live murals.

Which type of live scribing will you choose?

ON PAPER: Add a dynamic wow factor to your event with our live scribing team capturing your content as a visual summary on a paper-covered wall, large canvas, easels or any custom-made structure.
Live scribes can later be digitalised and edited for social media/marketing.

DIGITAL SCRIBING: This is scribing in the fast-lane, perfect for social media – we capture your content on a tablet, giving you an instantly-shareable asset. Choose from either sharing the digital scribing on-screen as it happens or surprises your audience with a post-event visual memento.