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Angel v Old Street - which area comes out on top in this battle of the titans? The answer to this depends on what ‘best' means to you.Located a mere 20 minute walk from each other, the Angel and Old Street areas of North London have loads to offer visitors, inhabitants and businesses.

Angel v Old Street – which area comes out on top in this battle of the titans? The answer to this depends on what ‘best’ means to you.

Located a mere 20 minute walk from each other the Angel and Old Street areas of North London have loads to offer visitors inhabitants and businesses.

Thanks to its proximity to Shoreditch a visit to Old Street features trendy craft beer bars late night clubs Pop up shops gig venues and ever changing restaurants. Old Street has also seen a fair amount of regeneration over the past few years. A particular focus is on the Old Street roundabout which underwent building works in early 2019 to become more accessible for pedestrians and bikes. It’s rare to visit Old Street and fail to spot some freshly installed scaffolding or a group of cranes in action as new structures are built.

If you’re looking for hotels in Old Street you’ll be spoilt for choice. Highly rated hotels such as The Z Hotel and M by Montcalm don’t come cheap – prices start at £130 per night. If this is out of your price range a simple Google search will return multiple alternatives with new abodes popping up all the time. Despite having “Old” within its title Old Street is certainly anything but!

If all this shapeshifting sounds exhausting you may prefer the slightly quieter less changeable but equally enchanting Angel area nearby. In the Angel v Old Street debate many people prefer Angel thanks to its quaint village feel and enormous selection of shops restaurants and bars.

Boasting a similar selection to Old Street when it comes to trendy bars interesting eateries and cool shops Angel also provides some classic stalwarts for more traditional folk. Old fashioned pubs in Angel ooze character and charm along the high street. Whilst buildings such as the Business Design Centre have been in place since 1862!

Highlights of Angel include Chapel Market the Screen on the Green cinema Culpepper Community Garden and of course the longest escalator on the underground network in Angel tube station!

For accommodation there are plenty of hotels in Angel and surrounding areas. If you’re looking for an overnight stay whilst attending a show at the Business Design Centre in Angel the Hilton Hotel is situated adjacent to the BDC so is ideally located.

If you’re considering moving to Angel v Old Street you’ll no doubt be interested in how house prices differ by each area.

You’ll be hard pressed to find anything under £350k in the Old Street area. One bedroomed flats range widely in price from around £360000 for a small studio flat to as much as £800000 for a one bed new build flat in the heart of Old Street.

This type of price range is typical for London where the average house price is around £460000.

In the Angel v Old Street debate in terms of property prices houses in Angel cost slightly less. You can secure a one bedroomed flat in Angel for around £260000. But for something a bit nicer in the heart of Angel you’ll need to fork out closer to £500000.

What about opportunities for businesses to set up shop in Angel v Old Street? There’s plenty on offer in both areas. Old Street and Angel offer a wide mix of corporate office space small offices showrooms and co-working spaces to rent. The best way to find your ideal office space is to search on Google and arrange a few site visits to check out the available space for yourself. Most offices in Old Street and Angel include modern facilities such as high speed Wifi showers parking and 24 hour security.

In the grand scheme of things Angel v Old Street are both great areas of London to explore. Each offers its own unique identity and charm. Both include a huge array of things to do places to eat and spaces to enjoy!

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For any enquiries about office space available at the BDC please call 020 7288 6011 or email terrys@bdc.london.

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