At the BDC we love to celebrate every one of the new tenants that join us here. This week we are incredibly excited to announce that we have recently had Villeroy & Boch open up their new showroom doors with us, showcasing some of their most eye-catching designs and collections.

The Villeroy & Boch showroom here at the BDC

So what better way to find out more about this iconic bathroom and furniture brand than by speaking to their wonderful Marketing Manager, Fabrizia D’Autilia, and see why they decided to set up shop here with us.  

The History of Villeroy & Boch 

Established in 1748 in Mettlach, Germany, where their headquarters are still based, Villeroy & Boch was set up by stoneware manufacturer Nicolas Villeroy and ceramic tableware manufacturer Francis Boch.  

Known for their quality, durability and elegance, Villeroy and Boch are a premium bathroom, wellness and ceramics brand that has a rich history of supplying top quality products across the globe. 

Last year saw them celebrate their 275-year anniversary. Over the years they have shaped the world of bathroom design with their award-winning concepts and collections. Since their beginnings in ceramics the company has expanded into three diverse divisions: bathroom and wellness, dining and lifestyle and tiles.  

A Chat with Their Marketing Manager 

The company’s long-standing success is a testament to their quality and innovation, which has kept them on top as leading ceramic and bathroom manufacturers throughout the world.  

It’s an extremely well-established, premium brand, says Marketing Manager Fabrizia D’Autilia.   

“It’s very modern, and we keep the style and the lines of every design with the times.”  

Fabrizia D’Autilia joined Villeroy & Boch in November 2022 and has just recently celebrated her first year as the Marketing Manager for both the UK and Ireland.  

 Previously working for 16 years in the automotive industry for a world-renowned Italian motorcycle brand (see if you can guess) Fabrizia decided to make the transition to Villeroy and Boch.  

 “Villeroy & Boch is a great company. I have a very good team and very good colleagues.” She says. 

Opening the New Villeroy & Boch Showroom 

So why did Villeroy & Boch choose to open their new showroom here at the BDC?  

“We moved from the Chelsea Design Center, where our showroom was displaying only the bathroom and wellness collections, due to the small space availability. Although it was a very good building for our business, for bathroom and wellness it wasn’t the right place. We were looking for more visibility for our brand, so we decided to move in 2022.” Says Fabrizia.  

At the beginning of 2022 renovations began to the brand new Villeroy & Boch showroom at the BDC, officially opening their doors on the top floor on 16th November 2023.  

Not only did it mark their 275th year in business but also coincided with the first day of Hotel Interior Experience (HIX). The event is an annual trade exhibition held at the BDC for the hotel and hospitality design and interior supply chain – a perfect opening day for our new tenants.  

The company chose the BCD for its new showroom home as the space allows for the display of more of their beautifully crafted collections.  

“The reason why we moved here is because of the strategic position, the visibility that this place gives along the whole year due to the different events and exhibitions, the dimension of the space that allowed us to display both the bathroom and wellness and dining and lifestyle divisions, which was not possible in the previous place.” 

Villeroy & Boch in the BDC 

So, what is Fabrizia looking most forward to whilst being here at the BDC and in Angel, Islington? 

“First of all, I’m in love with the area. I live in Clapham. I go on the Northern Line packed like a sardine. But I’m happy. I get down at Angel and it’s beautiful. The BDC reflects a lot of the area of Angel. It’s vibrant, lively, and active. All these things give us the chance to be visible. So that’s why we choose the BDC, and also to be more we have to be recognisable”. 

Fabrizia says that from the very beginning she has felt thoroughly supported by the BDC team and says it feels like one big family.  

“I have to say that I had the chance during these months of getting to know Carley, Yasmin, Bradley, and even Liam in the cafeteria. Such lovely people. Everyone has been very welcoming and approachable. They are very friendly. They handle requests to support us. It’s a very good team” 

So, does Fabrizia think the BDC is a good place for networking?  

“100%. You never know in life what’s going to happen, and it’s very easy to meet or have a chat with someone who is here for whatever other reason, and it can be an opportunity, it can be a business opportunity. BDC is a chance. That’s a good slogan.”  

This year Fabrizia says that they have big plans for the new Villeroy & Boch showroom.   

“This place is not only a showroom. It’s a place where we’re going to host meetings, gatherings, and workshops. It allows us to do our business as a showroom, as a training centre and as a meeting centre.”  

So, what are Fabrizia’s overall thoughts about the move here to the BDC?  

“I think it’s been a very good experience from both sides. What I see here are opportunities, both commercial-wise and personally. It’s beautiful if you go out to grab a coffee, or if you need to stretch your legs you see people, and there’s always something going on and I hope that the BDC will keep it like this.” 

So, there you have it. Thank you Fabrizia for taking your time to speak to us and learn more about Villeroy & Boch. We are excited to see how the new showroom develops and look forward to what’s next to come for the brand. 

If you are looking for a new showroom or office space to showcase your brand then get in touch and become part of our thriving business community. 


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