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12 January, 2024 -

On the hunt for a brand new office? Whether you are a budding startup or established brand, choosing an office space can be a very stressful process, with a lot of different factors to consider.

Office space in Angel

From finding the perfect location to ensuring it has all the amenities you need, here is what you should consider when choosing your next office space. 

  • Location, location, location 

With more and more people giving up working from home and heading back to the office, the location of your office has arguably never been more important.

You want your office to be located in an area that reflects well on your brand and business, as well as being a place your employees will actually want to venture to. 

When deciding on the ideal location, consider the type of area where your business would be best fit.

For example, if you are a creative arts company do not want to have your located in the financial district full of investment bankers? Maybe not.

Choosing the right location will not only keep you employees happy but also help in attracting new talent to your business, so make sure you choose right. 

At the BDC we are situated right in the heart of lively Angel, Islington, home to a thriving business scene, beautiful green spaces, delicious eateries and a vibrant pub culture for that much deserved after work beverage. What’s not to love?

Visit our local area guide to find out more about what Angel has to offer.

  • Consider the transport links 

You may have found the perfect office space – sleek, stylish and where you feel right at home – but before you get carried away, consider the transport links. In the era of remote and hybrid working, you don’t want to deter your employees from coming in due to an overly complicated commute. 

Look for an office that provides a variety of reliable transport options. This will not only be more convenient for you and your team but will also be a lot easier for clients or customers coming to visit your business.

At the BDC we are just a stone’s throw away from Angel underground station, giving ease of access to the rest of London’s extensive train network, along with a range of bus and cycle routes to get here. 

  • What are the amenities like? 

You want an office where people want to be, and a destination workplace is now the go to for many businesses. Having a space that is more than just a place of business, but also a location where employees are excited to come, starts with having the right amenities. 

Think about what is most important to you and your employees. Are the facilities well looked after and modern? Does the building have fast and reliable internet? What catering options does it offer?

If your team has to journey far and wide for a decent coffee or a bite to eat due to no on-site facilities, you may want to reconsider your choice. 

Our office space in Angel has a whole host of amenities for our tenants to take advantage of, such as our onsite cafe Jack’s, serving up some of the best coffee in Angel and plenty of mouthwatering breakfast and lunch options too (all with a nice tenant discount of course). 

  • Think about the office layout and design 

When it comes to your office there are many design factors you need to consider. You don’t want to end up spending loads of money on a massive redesign once you move in. So selecting a space that already has the basic layout and design that you are after is the wisest choice. 

Do you want your space to be open plan with a co-working space or something that allows for a bit more privacy? If you are a growing business, think about the scalability of your space. 

There is no point moving into a lovely new office only to outgrow it in a year or two and have to begin the stressful search again. 

Here at the BDC we have a wide selection of beautifully designed and modern offices, design spaces and showrooms for you to choose from that are sure to meet your business needs. 

  • Does the space align with your business values and culture? 

Having an office space that reflects the values of your business is an often overlooked aspect of selecting where to set up shop. However, it is something you should consider in helping shape your company culture. 

As a B Corp Certified venue, at the BDC we ensure a consistent commitment to improving our operations, both for people and planet. We pride ourselves on being a sustainable workplace that supports our local community and is something our current tenants truly value being a part of.

Why choose your next office space in angel?

Our thriving culture and amazing networking opportunities are why so many businesses have become long-term tenants with us.

We do everything we can to support and nurture the new businesses that move in and after the years many of them have grown and expanded with us which is incredibly exciting to see.

From global brands like Haier to up-and-coming startups like The Market Network we have a diverse mix of business in a wide range of industries all under the one roof of our historic 162-year-old venue

Still not convinced? Well, here are the 7 reasons why the BDC is the best office space in North London and beyond.

So if you are looking for an office space in Angel then get in touch now and come join the over 100 tenants who already call the BDC their business home.

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